Lawyers for Counterfeiting of Registered Trademarks Fiammenghi Fiammenghi Respond to Worrying 2013 Trandemarks Infrigement Trends

Counterfeit brands or goods: their distribution is exponential and affects every sector: fashion, groceries, technology, design in 2013 with worrying trends according to AIPLA - American Intellectual Property Law Association. The Italian law office of Fiammenghi – Fiammenghi distinguishes itself for the success of its professional activities, fighting “fakes” and “forgers” of counterfeit goods or brands throughout the world.

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The firm Fiammenghi-Fiammenghi thus follows the client when the problem arises, when one realizes that one is the vicim of counterfeiting or plagiarism, but can also be activated before

Rome,Italy (PRWEB) December 01, 2013

To counterfeit is a verb which has become ever more common in the last few years, indicating the willingness to reproduce an item in a manner so that it could be confused with the original. In fact, it is a very ancient phenomenon which has been engaged in particularly with respect to money (counterfeit money), but which today has taken on striking characteristics and is seen in vast numbers. Counterfeiting is in fact pervasive and global, often part of the sphere of influence of organized crime. Research documents ( the fact that it involves every area of production: from clothing to pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, from foodstuffs to design objects, from toys to machinery as shown by AIPLA American Intellectual Property Association 2013 report. Counterfeiting alters the working rules of the competitive market, damaging brands which operate legally. It represents a danger for the safety and health of consumers. It also damages the economic system as a whole because it takes away jobs from the community and tax revenues from the State.

The law office of Fiammenghi – Fiammenghi, with offices in Rome and Naples in Italy and Lugano in Switzerland, specializes in industrial and intellectual property consulting and has always been committed actively and successfully to the fight against counterfeiting and to providing legal assistance for the protection of brands and patents. The firm is one of the most well-known and appreciated ones in this delicate sector and possesses vast experience in managing disputes regarding issues related to industrial law, with specific expertise in the field of industrial and intellectual property. Today this makes it possible to address disputes on the subject of patents, trademarks, and copyright. In the majority of cases the issues are concluded with an agreement between the parties, thus avoiding the need to involve the legal Authorities. (Nonetheless, the lawyers of the office of Fiammenghi-Fiammenghi are able to protect and resolve any type of intellectual or industrial property violation).

The firm thus follows the client when the problem arises, when one realizes that one is the vicim of counterfeiting or plagiarism, but can also be activated before because it has an expert team in applications for trademark registration and the obtaining of invention patents in every area of technology, uniting extensive experience in the performance of research with the goal of determining any prior rights, be they between brands or patents.This permits not only the acquisition of exclusive rights recognized by the law, but also, for clients, the ability to focus their industrial development in the most innovative areas.

A significant part of the firm’s activity nonetheless remains tied to fighting the plague of imitations, and given the gravity of the phenomenon which is accentuated also by distribution via internet, the efforts of the firm to assist institutions (central and local public administrations, entrepreneurial and consumer associations, law enforcement agencies) in preventing and fighting counterfeiting have been significant in the past years, even requesting legislative intervention to make punishments for counterfeiters more severe.

Fiammenghi – Fiammenghi is a true partner for clients and companies, assisting them in the protection of their brands and patents if they are victims of counterfeiting, ensuring that their rights are protected in Italy and around the world. The firm performs this activity with a commitment and a passion to offer the best service to its clients as well as the desire to contribute to the improvement of society and of the national economy.