Don’t Be A Turkey: Stay Safe This Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is coming up fast, and in addition to thinking about how you’re going to spend the holiday, attention must also be paid to making sure safety is assured throughout the festivities. The Bernard Law Group has put together some valuable safety tips that may save you from gobbling through money in an eventual personal injury lawsuit.

Most people’s preeminent concern on Thanksgiving is how they’re going to fit into their pants after they’re through with the meal. But there should be more pressing matters to attend to during the holiday, namely safety.

Turkey is on the menu in households across America as citizens set out to commemorate Thanksgiving. People will be hosting parties, preparing epic meals, and driving considerable distances to celebrate with family.

One thing that should not be on the menu, though, is personal injury. Every year, citizens are injured on Thanksgiving due to seemingly innocuous oversights that end up having a negative impact on guests. This leads to the types of personal injury claims that can tear previously tight-knit families apart.

The attorneys of the Bernard Law Group want to keep such situations from ever happening. Kirk Bernard has over 30 years of personal injury litigation experience in a number of practice areas, and with Thanksgiving coming up and Christmas right behind, he’s hoping that his firm’s insights will help reduce injuries throughout the rest of 2013.

“Most people’s preeminent concern on Thanksgiving is how they’re going to fit into their pants after they’re through with the meal,” said Mr. Bernard. “But there should be more pressing matters to attend to during the holiday, namely safety. Whether you’re inviting people into your home or sharing the road with other holiday-minded travelers, you owe everyone around you a duty of care.”

No matter your plans for the holidays, the following tips should help you give thanks in the safest manner possible:

•To Protect and Serve- Many a foodborne illness occurs because someone unversed in how to prepare a turkey got in over their head, letting the need to put something on the table precisely at 4 pm outweigh the essential duty to cook food thoroughly.

A turkey is a big bird, and anyone serving it should thaw it overnight on a surface that remains clear of other foods and utensils. That way, cross-contamination isn’t a possibility. Every section of that turkey then needs to reach optimum temperature as judged by a meat thermometer.

•Someone’s In The Kitchen With Safety- Having the entire kitchen to oneself makes cooking simple, but trying to navigate while children and pets run about like maniacs and adult guests roam around picking at food can test even seasoned chefs.

The handles of pots and pans should be pointed toward the wall so that children can’t reach them, and the food preparer must continue to supervise the food whenever the oven and the stovetops are on. Designate a no-travel zone for children and adults alike around the oven, and be particularly careful with sharp objects when people are roving.

•Fire On The Whole- Minimize potential damage by knowing the difference between an electrical fire and a grease fire. The last thing that should be applied to a grease fire is water, which will only make the flames grow higher.

Instead, a grease fire should be snuffed out by covering it with either a towel or the lid of a pot. Keep people away when a fire breaks out and have a fire extinguisher on hand for if the blaze gets out of control.

•Think Before You Drink- Although New Year’s Eve gets a lot of drunk driving attention, an article from back on November 20, 2009 entitled “Most Dangerous U.S. Holidays” featured in Forbes noted that Thanksgiving was the most deadly holiday in the country in 2008, its 502 deaths eclipsing all other days of the year. This may be due to a potent combination of copious alcohol consumption, fatigue, and unfamiliar environs.

If any drinking is going to occur, then you absolutely cannot get behind the wheel of an automobile. Plan ahead to have a sober family member who can drive everyone home.

•Black Eye Friday- Black Friday now extends all the way to Thanksgiving night, meaning that the first stop many people will have after leaving dinner is a local shopping center.

Be patient if you fit that profile. Saving twenty bucks on an action figure isn’t worth the bills that can accumulate if you’re seriously injured in the parking lot by a frustrated driver or if you’re the target of a lawsuit because you struck someone who got the last copy of a videogame your kid wanted.

Kirk Bernard has been protecting the rights of Washington personal injury victims for 30 years, achieving landmark court victories and settlements in the process. The Bernard Law Group provides legal representation for those injured in bicycle collisions, workplace accidents, medical malpractice situations, defective drug incidents, premises liability cases, and more. Persons interested in a free consultation should visit the firm’s website to learn more.

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