GraphicMail’s Top 2014 Predictions and Un-predictions for 2013

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The Global ESP takes a gander into the new year, with key industry tips from its CEO and Marketing Director, as well as retrospective ‘un-predictions’

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Make sure that you pay as much attention to how each client is interacting – frequency of opens and what they click on to drive future campaigns

2013 has been a year of vast growth for mobile, social and email marketing and email service providers (ESP’s) like GraphicMail has made great leaps forward in terms of industry developments; especially in mobile and social media growth.

Smartphone and tablet development accelerated and consumers gained access to ever-more diverse means of engaging with businesses, as well as other consumers; effecting an environment in 2013 where collaborative activities in global eCommerce and digital interaction drove major global strategy in the social, mobile and email environment. As 2014 approaches, GraphicMail looks at the top three predictions for the New Year:

While mobile web development in 2013 created a space when consumers became hyper-consumers, digesting vast amounts of information instantaneously; 2014 will see the cementing of the mobile web as a space for true engagement in terms of B2C interactions. Global smartphone penetration continues to soar and digital marketers reap the benefits of this technological wave. Worldwide mobile phone sales to end users totalled 435 million units in the second quarter of 2013, an increase of 3.6 percent from the same period last year, according to Gartner, Inc. The mobile web is where consumers will spend most of their time.

As the mobile web and platforms expand, design becomes more important in rendering content on devices effectively. Responsive design in terms of mobile and email marketing will ensure effective, attractive and interactive rendering on different mobile devices and the engagement businesses will gain from this will drive vast market expansion and penetration.

Said Nick Eckert, GraphicMail CEO: “Make sure all your communications are optimized across multiple media platforms – pcs, tablets and mobiles. Make sure that you pay as much attention to how each client is interacting – frequency of opens and what they click on to drive future campaigns.”

The role of email marketing will shift from being a principal form of marketing and communications, as social media continues to dominate consumer communications and collaboration. Instead, email will become more of a hub, effecting the link between mobile, social and email marketing and controlling the flow of information and taking on an almost archival role.

Digital will continue its steady move towards greater transactional communications in eCommerce; fulfilling its role as a cross-platform means of engaging with consumers, other business and building meaningful partnerships. This rings true also for hosting companies, who increasingly partner with GraphicMail, realizing the potential for financial portfolio-diversification.

Other factors that motivate partnership between ESP’s like GraphicMail and hosting companies is the trust factor. With a move towards tabbed inboxes, like that of Gmail, it is more important than ever to connect with other industry-leaders who have worked hard at building up great reputations in the digital marketing industry.

Said Barbara Ulmi, GraphicMail Marketing Director: “With the launch of Google’s tabbed Inbox, it will become more important than ever before for an email sender to instil trust with his subscribers, for a sender to make that personal connection via mass communications, and to send content that is useful, exciting, unique – in line with Google’s latest algorithm change, Hummingbird!”

While digital marketing in 2014 is set to further cement its role as the fastest-growing and most profitable means of consumer engagement, email marketing will remain at its core; not fading into the background as many predicted. Email is not dead, in fact, far from it. The amount of global email accounts continues to skyrocket. What is changing is how consumers interact through email.

Said Nick: “Email remains the killer app; even the fear that the international spy agencies can snoop on your every email won’t limit its growth. It will remain the focal point for communication across the Internet.”

GraphicMail has spent more than a decade as a pioneer of digital marketing and continues to build on its global success. With robust, powerful digital marketing packages, the ESP is ready to meet the challenges of 2014 and guide its clients into the New Year.

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