Table Pad Factory Offers Dining Room Table Pads in Numerous Shapes

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Improve a room’s appearance while protecting hardwood or polished dining room tables. Protect your dining room table top from heat, scratches and spills.

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Table Pad Factory, the premier online retailer of table pads, is once again announcing its line of dining table pads. The pads are designed to protect expensive dining room furniture from scratches, nicks in the finish, steam damage, and other wear and tear.

A dining room table is the center point of one of the most important rooms in the home. This means that dining room tables get quite a bit of use in most homes and can be prone to damage. Left uncovered, it’s very easy for food to be spilled on the wood, for hot mugs or plates to cause steam damage, or for liquids to damage the finish. A table pad is typically placed under a tablecloth to prevent these types of damage.

In the past, consumers who needed to purchase a table pad for their dining room table frequently found that the table pads were only available in a limited range of shapes and sizes. This meant that it was quite difficult to purchase a covering to protect tables if they were large in size, a shape other than a standard rectangle, or custom made. Unfortunately, this meant that consumers who owned one of these types of tables had to either purchase a standard sized table, or leave their well-made, custom table uncovered throughout dinner parties and meals, as well as between these events.

Custom table pads, like those offered by Table Pad Factory, allow consumers access to sizes and shapes that were not previously available. In addition, the company features a wide range of standard sizes and shapes. Consumers will quickly find, upon visiting the Table Pad Factory site, that if they own a dining room table, the company manufactures a tablepad to fit. If the tablepad size desired is unavailable, the customer can place an order for a custom sized pad, and the company will be more than happy to oblige. These custom table pads are specifically designed to fit individual tables, so a perfect fit is ensured.

Dining room tables are the center of attention at dinner parties, holiday open houses, and other social gatherings. Their owners commonly dress them up with attractive linens, centerpieces, and tableware. A stain or damaged surface can quickly ruin this appearance, leading to expensive repairs. Often the table must be refinished completely, which can cost the owner quite a bit of time and money. Protective table pads allow these consumers to keep their furniture investment clean and undamaged through the worst social conditions, protecting the wood from steam, food, and beverage and sauce stains. Individuals who own dining room tables will quickly find that a custom table pad keeps their table safe year after year, and that protecting their expensive furniture is well worth the investment.

Table Pad Factory has heard consumer requests throughout the years, and is honoring these requests by providing a line of high quality table coverings in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and price ranges. Consumers that need a table pad are sure to find one that suits both their lifestyle and budget.

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