The Drain Dudes® Advises Homeowners of the Benefits of Drain Cleaning this Holiday Season

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The Drain Dudes® plumbing company explains why drain cleaning is an overlooked yet vital step in preparing homes for holiday gatherings.

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The Drain Dudes®

The holidays are a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. We are pleased to offer tips that can ensure your plumbing is ready to stand up to increased use by guests this holiday season.

For homeowners preparing to host holiday gatherings this winter, the status of their pipes, plumbing, and drains may not be top of mind. The Drain Dudes® plumbing company warns that this attitude can lead to holiday disasters.

As one of the leading plumbing companies in the LA area, The Drain Dudes® receives many emergency calls each holiday season from homeowners suffering from clogged garbage disposals, sinks, tubs, and toilets. Many of these problems—and the embarrassment they caused the holiday host or hostess—could have been prevented with a simple drain cleaning.

For example, last year one client called in a panic because her main sewer line had backed up right in the middle of her holiday party, rendering all the toilets in her home useless. Her guests had to go down the street to use a gas station restroom. Perhaps not surprisingly, some of those guests did not return to the party. The Drain Dudes® determined that the clog was caused by invasive tree roots and quickly eliminated the problem, but by that time the party had already been ruined. This problem could have been prevented with drain cleaning before the party.

According to The Drain Dudes®, getting drain cleaning before the holidays can deliver the following benefits:

Prepare plumbing for increased usage: The accumulation of buildup of any kind inside pipes restricts flow and limits the volume of water a home’s drainage system can handle. The problem may not be apparent when just the homeowner or their family is using the plumbing, but add any number of guests and dirty pipes can quickly get overwhelmed. It’s much better to get a drain cleaning before guests arrive to ensure that the pipes are ready to handle increased usage.

Reduce odors: Odors emanating from drains and plumbing fixtures in the home can indicate serious plumbing problems. By getting a drain cleaning before the holidays rather than just sprinkling extra potpourri in the bathroom, homeowners can eliminate the root cause of odors and ensure their plumbing is working properly.

Eliminate slow drains: When overnight guests are expected, slow drains in sinks and showers can become s significant problem. With more people using the drains, more hair and soap scum will be sent down the pipes, worsening the problem until the drain may become completely clogged. By taking care of slow drains with a drain cleaning before guests arrive, homeowners can avoid subjecting guests to the inconvenience and discomfort of standing water in the sink or tub.

Homeowners expecting guests this holiday season can call The Drain Dudes® for drain cleaning and free video inspection to identify and eliminate developing clogs and other plumbing problems before they have a chance to cause an embarrassing holiday plumbing emergency.

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