“The 2014 Staffing Industry Trend Report” Helps Staffing Professionals Identify Trends and Technological Innovations to Improve Hiring Results for Clients

Recently released whitepaper, courtesy of Spark Hire, encourages staffing professionals to anticipate future trends and embrace cutting edge recruiting technology such as video interviewing to beat out competitors for talented candidates.

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The 2014 Staffing Industry Trend Report

Free Download: The 2014 Staffing Industry Trend Report

These trends need to be taken advantage of by staffing professionals. Utilizing video interviewing, social media, and other technologies will bring a multitude of benefits for them and their clients.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) December 11, 2013

Spark Hire (http://www.sparkhire.com), the leading online video interviewing platform, recently launched a whitepaper encouraging staffing professionals to utilize the various technology at their disposal in order to stay ahead of competitors in acquiring talented candidates for their clients. The free to download whitepaper entitled, “The 2014 Staffing Industry Trend Report”, details the several trends staffing professionals should anticipate in order to best recruit for their clients.

“We launched this whitepaper to share with staffing companies how crucial it is for them to acknowledge the developments in the industry, especially in regards to technology,” says Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire. “Doing so will allow them to connect faster with skilled and talented job candidates and, thus, provide better results for their clients.”

The trends of using big data, mobile recruitment, and video interviewing, among others, are growing more popular by the day. Big data recruiting practices are increasing in popularity due to the ability to crunch large volumes of data faster than ever before. Staffing professionals can easily weed through piles of information in order to find candidates with the skills and abilities their clients need. Additionally, mobile recruitment is on the rise so as to cater to and connect with the audience of smartphone users who are constantly on their mobile devices.

Video interviews are the next best thing when it comes to digitally connecting to the best candidates on a personal level. As detailed in the whitepaper, six out of 10 companies are currently utilizing video interviews in their hiring process. Furthermore, one-way video interviews are expected to continue the trend of replacing inefficient phone screens.

“These trends need to be taken advantage of by staffing professionals,” says Tolan. “Utilizing video interviewing, social media, and other technologies will bring a multitude of benefits for them and their clients.”

Download the new whitepaper, “The 2014 Staffing Industry Trend Report”, from Spark Hire to learn more about the initiatives staffing companies should implement into their business.

About Spark Hire:
Spark Hire is the fastest growing video interviewing platform in the world. Offering a completely branded one-way and live video interview platform, Spark Hire enables staffing firms to connect faster with amazing talent, edge out competitors not utilizing the technology, and improve overall client collaboration. No contracts, no setup fees. Unlimited video interviews starting at $49 per month. For more information, please visit sparkhire.com/staffing.


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