Christmas Colic Leads to Increase in Sales of Colic Calm

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TJL Enterprises Inc. - Exposure to new environments, additional people causes stomach upset.

We want to help restore peace and happiness to families always, but especially during the holidays, which tend to be a stressful time for parents.

Colic Calm, a holistic therapy for stomach upset in babies suffering from colic, has noticed an increase in sales in recent weeks as parents prepare for the upcoming Christmas season. Christmas Colic, as some refer to it, is a condition that is brought on by the stress the holidays put on an infant’s system.

There are several contributing factors to Christmas Colic, according to Jacqueline Lawrence, founder of Colic Calm’s parent company, TJL Enterprises, Inc. The excitement of the holidays can be disruptive to infants, who usually experience major disturbances to their daily schedules. Whether children are traveling by car for long stretches of time or dealing with visiting relatives in their own homes, a combination of excitement and Christmas-related activities can lead to an increase in gastrointestinal upset for babies.

Additionally, parents are generally stressed during the holidays as they struggle to shop, wrap gifts, and prepare meals for family members. When a fussy, irritable baby is added to that stress, parents can feel as though they’ve reached their limits.

"We want to help restore peace and happiness to families always, but especially during the holidays, which tend to be a stressful time for parents,” Lawrence says. “If an infant is suffering from colic, reflux or gas, Colic Calm can help provide fast, effective, safe and gentle relief.”

As a remedy for Christmas Colic, Colic Calm recommends parents make sure they have a bottle on hand at all times. Since the product provides instant relief, many parents have found they’re able to calm fussy babies within minutes, allowing them to return to enjoying the holiday.

Parents should also attempt to establish as much routine as possible during the holidays. Instead of taking an eight-hour drive to see family, ask family to come to you this year, Lawrence advises. While this might not always be feasible, for some new parents this proves to be the best route to a calm Christmas.

Since some newborns are especially sensitive to lights and sound, parents should try to find a quiet, calm room for babies to stay while visiting relatives. Soothing a baby through sound and touch can make a big difference in calming the causes of colic. When combined with a small dose of Colic Calm, Lawrence has found these measures are particularly successful during the busy holiday season.

Available in drugstores across the nation, Colic Calm is made from all natural environments designed to be both safe and effective in resolving the causes of digestive upset. Many parents have told TJL Enterprises that Colic Calm saved them from what would have otherwise been a very stressful situation during the holiday season. Each year, Colic Calm ensures stores are well stocked with the natural remedy, knowing that many parents rely on it to get them through both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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