Babolat Play - The First Bluetooth Connected Tennis Racquet - Launches at Biscayne Tennis December, 3rd

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The first ever Bluetooth connected tennis racquet, Babolat Play, is going to be available both online and in-store at Biscayne Tennis. December 3rd, 2013 marks the first time the racquet will be available to Biscayne Tennis shoppers with free online shipping.

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This December, shoppers can get their hands on the new tennis racquet in-store and online at Biscayne Tennis: Babolat Play is the first Bluetooth or USB connectable, app-ready racquet to ever hit the market.

Babolat Play is the first Bluetooth or USB connectable, app-ready racquet to ever hit the market. On December 3rd, shoppers can get their hands on the new tennis racquet online and in-store at Biscayne Tennis. For the first time, everyday players get access to professional swing analysis without paying for a coach or attending expensive clinics. Players will even be able to compare their game and progress with world famous tennis players like Rafael Nadal and Li Na.

Biscayne Tennis will carry the Babolat Play line of tennis racquets just in time for the Christmas season. Since this tennis racquet utilizes the latest advances in technology, players benefit from an increased insight into their own game. This new tennis technology has just been released from Babolat who, coincidentally, are one of the oldest names in tennis (having developed one of the first pairs of tennis strings).

Babolat Play and Connected Tennis
For the first time ever, tennis players are going to be able to connect their game with other tennis enthusiasts. With a history that begins in 1875, Babolat has always been at the forefront of tennis racquet technology. Their newest foray into technology is even more impressive.

Li Na mentioned that any tournament she competes in (but that her coach cannot attend) will not be a loss as far as training on specific aspects of the matches. Her swings will still be catalogued, analyzed, and coached through the use of the technology in the Babolat Play tennis racquets. As all of the professional tennis players who have seen the new tennis technology explain, the biggest benefit will be enjoyed by newer players and tennis enthusiasts seeking to improve their game.

Biscayne Tennis and the Latest Tennis Racquet Technology
Biscayne Tennis is the only national online store dedicated to delivering the latest and greatest in tennis technology without charging any extra shipping fees. Although the Babolat Play is in incredibly high demand and supplies are limited, Biscayne Tennis is choosing to carry the racquet both online and in their Miami area tennis stores. BiscayneTennis.Com might be one of the only places where individuals can purchase the new Bluetooth connected racquet online without shelling out for extra shipping costs.

About Biscayne Tennis
Biscayne Tennis is an online and brick and mortar store that provides tennis enthusiasts with the latest and greatest in tennis racquets. Biscayne Tennis also offers a range of tennis accessories with everything from tennis shoes to shorts and shirts. The online store at BiscayneTennis.Com provides a simple way for tennis enthusiasts around the country to buy tennis equipment and accessories like Babolat Play without paying the shipping costs that are so common online.

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