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In this guitar lesson, now available on, Silvio Gazquez teaches two simple exercises for building the hammer-on and pull-off techniques. These two exercises when played at tempo can be great sounding licks and will help you to master this style of playing. Silvio demonstrates these exercises in the key of G Major using the Ionian Mode.

The Ionian Mode is the first of the 7 Major Modes and was named by Heinrich Glarean in 1547.

Legato is Italian for “tied together” and in musical terms means that notes are played smoothly and connected with no interval silencing between notes. Legato is achieved on guitar when playing a sequence of notes using hammer on & pull off techniques.

Gazquez demonstrates the first exercise on the third string starting at the fourth fret. The sequence of notes is played with the first finger (index finger) playing the fourth fret, the second finger (middle finger) playing the fifth fret, and the fourth finger (pinky finger) playing the seventh fret. First Silvio picks the first note, fourth fret, and then does a hammer-on to the fifth fret and seventh fret and then does a pull-off from the seventh fret to the fourth fret and then does hammer-on’s to the fifth and seventh frets and then just keeps repeating that sequence.

The second exercise uses the same three notes as the first one, but with a different sequence. This time after doing the hammer-on’s to the fifth and seventh frets you simply do a pull-off from the seventh fret to the fifth fret and finally to the fourth fret and then do hammer-on’s back up to the seventh fret and just repeat the sequence. Both of these exercises can be played on any string using any of the scale positions. Guitar tabs are available at

Silvio Gazquez is a native of Argentina and began studying guitar at the age of 14. At age 18, Silvio moved to La Plata to study classical guitar at Bellas Artes University. After three years, Silvio left to pursue the electric guitar on his own. In 2004, Gazquez was chosen as a finalist for the Guitar Idol contest, but was not able to make the trip, but was chosen to participate on the Guitar Idol compilation CD. Silvio’s instructional DVD “Virtuoso Guitar Secrets” is available through

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