Will Smart Machines Create a World Without Work? Will Technology, Individuals at Work and the Economy Depend on Work 2.0?

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Book "Work 2.0: Nowhere To Hide” – coming this December 2013. The book aims to analyse the rapidly changing world of work, brought about by technological change and structural issues in the global economy.

Technology is a double-edged sword, with the power to both liberate and enslave. – Sergiusz Prokurat

Available free for you on Kindle between 02.12.2013 - 05.12.2013 at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GPOXDKE.
(Normal retail price of softcover book is 9.99 USD, Kindle ebook 4.99 USD).

REVIEW: "It's interesting," Don Peppers, American business executive, bestselling author of "Extreme Trust" and "The One to One Future".


You think you are special, unique, and that whatever it is that you are doing is impossible to replace. You are wrong. Work is changing profoundly in new digital age. The whole world of work is in evolution. For some time now, we’ve observed a greater focus on flexibility, mobility, and the ability of quick adaptation of workers. The new era of work is coming driven by: work virtualization, non-routine creativity, hyper-specialization, and reduction of communication, coordination and interactions costs. This calls for a different approach to management and work.

“The recession is said to be over, but you’ll never get your old job back – it’s disappeared and you can’t even blame the Chinese! Your job no longer exists – it’s been automated. Is your job in danger of getting replaced by robots?”

Sergiusz Prokurat presents his hard-hitting book debut, “Work 2.0: Nowhere to Hide,” available in paperback or Kindle. The book is an indispensable tool for jobseekers and company executives alike who are looking to reinvent themselves or their organizations and take advantage of this epochal change in the way we work. “Work 2.0” isn’t just a description of what is happening to the labor market, it’s a complete how-to guide for successfully navigating today’s treacherous jobs environment, mitigating the risks of job loss, job insecurity, and increasing automation. It introduces readers to new era of work - Work 2.0.

In his book, Prokurat shows us the complexity of the new reality, where nothing is black or white anymore. Every new development has the ability to be both a force for good and a large structural problem. The book aims to analyze the rapidly changing world of work (Work 2.0), brought about by technological change and structural issues in the global economy. There is a description of past changes in the division of labour, how does this affect the governments, companies and individuals. It’s discussing the repercussions of automation, changes in the economic balance between East and West in terms of work, the growing importance of innovation and creativity for creating value, how companies can take advantage of the new situation and how can individuals stay competitive on the labour market. However, with the right skills and attitude everyone can become a winner.

Prokurat has spent the last couple of years working for Harvard Business Review, interviewing thought leaders and business innovators, such as: Andrew McAfee, David Meerman Scott, Gerd Leonhard, Don Peppers. He is economics and project management lecturer at the Alcide Gaspari University of Euroregional Economy and lecturer at the MBA study programme organised by ISG Paris and EUE.

REVIEW: "Exceptional! This is a fascinating book that delivers a very alarming picture of the contemporary world of Work 2.0. Not everybody comprehends the challenges we face, and the way to cope with them is even less common knowledge. Many attractive charts highlight the focal points and still open question remains - are we sufficiently following the changes in the labor market?" Christine Palonka, PhD, economist, Alcide Gaspari University of Euroregional Economy.

BOOK INFO: “Work 2.0 : nowhere to hide”, Author: Sergiusz Prokurat, Paperback: 150 pages, ISBN-10: 1492252468, ISBN-13: 978-1492252467, Published in USA,UK, Australia, high quality images are available at: http://www.work-2-0.com.

“Work 2.0: Nowhere to Hide” has a retail price of 9.99 USD and is available through the Amazon. Feel free to contact the author directly by email sergiusz.prokurat (at) gmail.com.

For more information or to request review copy, visit http://www.work-2-0.com.

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