Tip Sheet: GWC Valve International’s CEO, David Meador’s Top 4 Tips for Selecting Valve Manufacturers in the Exploration and Production Industry

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David Meador, CEO of GWC Valve International, shares the top 4 tips for selecting valve manufacturers for valve production in the Exploration and Production industry.

The Exploration and Production industry has experienced very high spikes and low declines in its oil prices over the past five years, according to the latest global market research by IBIS World. The industry has to prepare for its volatile trends by consistently adding to their bottom line where businesses are able, while still providing safety and quality. Valve manufacturers, like GWC Valve International (http://www.gwcvalve.com/index.php), provides services to help the Exploration and Production industry identify valves that are standard in the field while maintaining essential global standards and performance.

Global valve manufacturers that have proven technology manufacturing valves in the Exploration and Production industry have the knowledge and ability to provide solutions that meet or exceed industry standards, maximize performance, and reinforce quality while providing competitive prices worldwide.

David Meador (http://www.gwcvalve.com/index.php), CEO for GWC Valve International, provides the top four tips to know what to look for when selecting valves for the Exploration and Production industry applications.

1.    Seek experts in valve design. With an established company in valve manufacturing, the Exploration and Production industry can gain expertise in valve design to meet the ever-growing demands of exploration for oil and natural gas. According to the American Petroleum Institute (API), the industry has taken exploration in to deeper waters and other offshore environments. These new areas of exploration may require innovative solutions in valve design. Seeking established valve manufacturers for the Exploration and Production industry is essential to gaining valve designs that meet the application while minimizing the environmental impact.

2.    Ensure the project deadline is met by having superior project management assistance. Throughout the entire process of design, manufacturing, and installation of the valves needed for the Exploration and Production industry, the valve manufacturers should meet or exceed requirements for turnaround while still maintaining quality. In a fast track project GWC Valve International completed, we assisted the client in providing Forged Trunnion Ball Valves for a short turnaround time. Valve companies that have experience meeting the requirements and still performing the necessary industry standard testing procedures have established turnaround times to provide the industry with quality products.

3.    Use valve manufacturers that have expanded globally and continually seek to grow business overseas. The reason that global ability is so important is because as businesses seek contracts overseas, they will need local service providers to help with solutions to the unique demands the environment may place upon their efforts to find resources. Without these critical services locally, the exploration may run into delays due to the length of time needed for manufacturing the right solution for the application.

4.    Demand quality solutions to support the needs of the Exploration and Production industry. Extracting onshore and offshore rely on conventional and unconventional methods and techniques to overcome challenging conditions. The main criteria in valve design and manufacturing is to provide safety, reliability, and efficiency. Valves that can meet these challenging conditions are essential to businesses in this industry while also providing competitive prices.

Valves that meet industry standards nationally and internationally provide commitment to a set of regulations desired by the Exploration and Production industry. Whether the need is for onshore or offshore, GWC Valve (http://www.gwcvalve.com/index.php) has provided solutions to the industry globally as a licensed and certified global manufacturer and supplier of valves. Visit http://www.GWCValve.com for more information.

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