Brother’s Idea Sees Launch of Melbourne Pet Door Installations

Handyman Sean Taylor has launched Melbourne Pet Door Installations, after an idea given to him by his brother, business owner Chris Taylor.

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Cat Door for Timber.

Sean Taylor realized there was a need in the Melbourne market for quality pet doors to be installed at an affordable price.

Melbourne, Australia. (PRWEB) December 04, 2013

A suggestion from a sibling has led Sean Taylor to launch a new business, Melbourne Pet Door Installations. Sean’s brother, Chris Taylor, who runs a pergola business, told him that he had had quite a few requests for pet door installations. After doing some research, Sean Taylor realized there was a need in the Melbourne market for quality pet doors to be installed at an affordable price.

Before launching the business Mr. Taylor tested many brands, which helped him find what he regards as the best pet doors on the market. “The most popular product is the Pig In Mud range for timber doors,” he advised. “They have vinyl, transparent flaps that are dog friendly. The plastic is sturdy and has a high flammability rating, and there is a slide included for security.”

For pet doors being installed into security doors the company is using the Petway brand. “These two brands seem to be the most well made and durable, so the company is running with those ones,” Mr. Taylor added.

The benefits of having a pet door installed include the convenience to the pet owner of not having to constantly let the animal in and out, as well as the fact that the pet is able to get outside and exercise. “The feedback our staff has gotten indicates that the pets are much happier – they’ve had a chance to exercise outside during the day while the person is away at work,” Mr. Taylor said, “as well as decreasing behavioural problems such as chewing up the furniture or cushions.”

Installing pet doors for a variety of people made Sean realize that there were many reasons people wanted this service. “Some people don’t have the tools or the experience,” he said, “or sometimes people are just really busy – so it’s handy for them to have a service where a pet door can be installed within an hour or two.”

Melbourne Pet Door Installations installs pet doors throughout the entire Melbourne area, into both timber and security doors. For more information please visit the company's website or call Sean on 0401288846.


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