New Startup Replaces Santa This Holiday Season, a gift giving platform that finds the perfect gift using an algorithm launched this week to help its customers find gifts for anyone.

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fligoo sets itself apart from other gifting platforms with the ability to suggesting gifts with no additional steps. The platform simply analyzes Facebook friend activity to suggest accurate gifts.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 04, 2013, a platform that uses a unique algorithm to analyze Facebook activity and suggest gifts, officially launched to help individuals find perfect gifts for the holidays. The company launched after difficulty in finding appropriate gifts and targets anyone seeking to find a unique, personalized gift for themselves or someone else. fligoo sets itself apart from other gifting platforms with the ability to set a budget and suggesting gifts with no additional steps, such as questionnaires, asking personality traits of the person, etc. The platform simply analyzes Facebook friend activity such as likes, comments, and interests, then build profiles according that behavior to finally suggest very accurate gifts.

The Bay Area-based startup has been in beta for the past six months, perfecting the algorithm and making the platform completely bilingual. After first launching in Spanish, the Argentinian founders expanded the platform to reach US shoppers, translating the entire platform to English. “We were tired of getting and giving bad gifts,” says Lucas Olmedo, Co-Founder of fligoo, “it started with that frustration of bad gifting and agonizing on what to give. The platform has since taken off to be much more than that, allowing you to find new music and movies based on your friends’ interests.”

The company plans to expand their platform to be a search tool for finding new trends in categories such as music, books, and fashion. For now, however, fligoo is focusing on gifting as we head into the holiday season. fligoo has already launched a mobile version of the website and plans to launch an app in the next year. For more information on fligoo, go to

About fligoo
fligoo is a gift recommendation website that works by analyzing social media data to provide customized gift ideas from the best online stores such as Barnes & Noble, Urban Outfitters, Uncommon Goods & more. launched six months ago in beta version while participating in the NXTP Labs acceleration program. The website already has over 10,000 registered users and has worked to get an initial foothold in Argentina in order to go after a much bigger market – the United States. The team has recently made the move to San Francisco, California and is currently seeking investments – about US$500,000 over the next eight to 10 months. Half of that amount has already been committed.



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