AlloDerm Grafting to Regrow Tissue

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TMProsthodontics, a dental office in Miami, announces a new way to naturally reconstruct gum tissue.


Alloderm grafting is a procedure that involves the integration (grafting) of harvested human tissue onto living tissue in order to spur new growth. It has applications ranging from dental work to breast reconstruction, has been around for 21 years, and has been used for thousands of patients, with an impressive record of zero reported infections as a result of the procedure. The oral uses for AlloDerm are particularly popular, as gum tissue is difficult to heal due to the constant contact it has with saliva and food.

TM Prosthodontics, a dental office in Miami today announced that it will now provide Alloderm grafting for the reconstruction of gum tissue damaged by diseases like gingivitis or for the treatment of amalgam tattoos, or blackish-blue marks, in gum tissue. The Alloderm grafting method can also be used to treat sockets (holes left in gum tissue by the removal of teeth) or to treat losses of tissue from other oral surgeries such as bone repair, and wire attachment or detachment.

TM Prosthodontics’ Dr. Tal Morr is a very well-known Miami dentist, who provides a range of dental services from full-mouth dental implants to teeth veneers, inlays & onlays, teeth bonding, dental bridges, crowns, pre-prosthetic surgery, gum surgery, alloderm grafting, dental implants, dentures, bleaching, and more.

Dr. Tal Morr does a complete examination of patients’ mouths to see if grafting is right for them. The procedure requires only a thin layer of AlloDerm, and can’t be rejected by the body, as it does not contain any cells; it simply stimulates collagen growth, which is a tissue that spurs natural cell generation around itself.

Since its introduction to dentistry in 1994, AlloDerm has become well-regarded as a tool for soft tissue reconstruction. AlloDerm allows natural cells to form, vascular regeneration, and eventually even white blood cell migration. Recovery for the operation takes about ten weeks.
Before AlloDerm, a similar procedure would have required the harvesting of gum tissue from a healthy site in the mouth and then transplanting it onto the damaged one, which means creating two surgery sites, and therefore two places to heal within the mouth. However, with AlloDerm grafting, just the site that is damaged is affected, and recovers faster.

Dr. Tal morr, a full-mouth reconstruction specialist has a reputation for being one of the best dentistry offices in Miami. TM Prosthodontics staff is availablet o take appointment between 8AM and 5PM, Monday to Thursday. Call 305-935-6066 or visit

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