Voom Adds Workplace Workout Videos Developed by "Fast Fitness" Expert Sean Foy

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Ten minute "Fast Fitness" videos combine with Voom's two minute micro-break videos to provide a comprehensive workplace activity and wellness program that combats sitting, inactivity, and repetitive strain injuries. Voom systematically gets employees on their feet and moving through the business day, picking up where standing desks and activity trackers leave off.

Voom combats the negative effects of sitting and inactivity.

While 2013 saw the rise of entry level tools like the standing desk and the activity tracker, Voom will make 2014 the year employees get up AND moving.

The Movement, developers of Voom, a workplace wellness and activity platform, today announces that it has added 10 minute workplace workout videos developed by America's "Fast Fitness" expert, Sean Foy. The "Fast Fitness" videos are the product of Sean’s very successful book, “The 10 Minute Total Body Breakthrough,” in which he promises fitness “at the speed of life.” Each 10 minute video features the proven interval training system, where individuals do 4 minutes of high intensity aerobic training, 3 minutes of resistance exercise, 2 minutes of core strengthening, and 1 minute of deep stretching. It is possible to reap all of the benefits of exercise in just 10 minutes a day, and these 10 minute workouts are the perfect complement to Voom's workplace wellness program.

Voom was designed by two prominent physicians, as the most effective and efficient way to address the health risks of the modern American office—inactivity and prolonged sitting. Once an hour, Voom delivers two minute "micro-breaks" to the user's desktop, mobile device, and/or tablet. Each break engages users in an interactive program of stretches and strengthening exercises designed specifically to reduce injuries and chronic pain. Voom doesn’t only work more activity into people’s days—it works the best kind of activity into their day. Targeted movements done for just two minutes every hour are the greatest way to address the risks of both chronic injuries and chronic disease typical of an inactive workforce. And now, thanks to Sean Foy, Voom has rounded out its wellness program by allowing employees to also lose weight and get in better shape with 10 minute fitness that works workouts.

The past year has seen the emergence of standing desks and activity trackers as a first step in addressing the effects of "sitting disease"; but Voom takes wellness to the next level by increasing employees’ activity levels and getting them moving more all day long. To further increase engagement, Voom is offered within a "gamified" framework, giving users the opportunity to earn points and badges for fulfilling program requirements.

"The modern American workplace (often referred to as a ‘desk sentence’) and sedentary lifestyles are contributing to the decline of the health and fitness of the American workforce more than ever before," said Sean Foy. "People need to increase their activity levels if we’re ever going to have a real effect on levels of obesity and chronic disease in this country. My career has been about giving people and corporations realistic ways to get healthy right at work and I pride myself on results. I was very impressed when I was introduced to ‘Voom’ and the creativity and ingenuity of Doctors Gregory and Eric Soltanoff. I’m excited to be a part of their efforts to get office workers up and moving and I’m thrilled to offer my clients a new way to access my programs.”

"While 2013 saw the rise of entry level tools like the standing desk and the activity tracker, Voom will make 2014 the year employees get up AND moving” said Dr. Gregory Soltanoff, CEO and co-founder of Voom. “In order to really address sitting disease, people need to do more than stand—they need to keep moving all day long. People are busy and getting healthy can't always be top priority, but Voom provides employees with the best, most practical way to get active at work. The addition of Sean’s ‘Fast Fitness’ videos perfectly complement our focused micro-breaks. They combine to lower the barriers to healthy ‘workstyles,’ providing organizations with a more sustainable way of maintaining employee well-being, focus, and productivity.”

Voom can be licensed for corporate users or purchased for personal use. For further information about Voom, to purchase the program for your business, or to inquire about partnership opportunities, please visit http://www.voomwell.com.

About Voom
The Movement, founded by two renowned third generation chiropractors, was developed to create wellness programs that would protect sedentary workers from the injuries and diseases brought on by prolonged sitting. Voom, the company’s new flagship wellness platform, is a complete, cost-effective wellness program that not only gets employees moving throughout the day, but also engages, motivates, and educates users on the importance of physical activity.

About Sean Foy, MA

Sean Foy is the author of WELCOA’s Fitness That Works: Simple Moves To Make Exercise Happen From 9 To 5, and an internationally renowned authority on fitness, weight management, and healthy living. As an author, exercise physiologist, behavioral coach, and speaker, Sean has an upbeat and sensible approach to making fitness happen even with the busiest of schedules—and has taken his message of “Simple Moves” fitness all over the world. Sean has helped thousands of corporations and individuals with their wellness needs as a personal trainer, counselor, and presenter. “Coach Sean” is committed to encouraging everyone to attain optimal well‐being for body, mind, and spirit.

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