Technology Start-Ups Provide Consumers with Alternatives to for "Obamacare" Pricing In 60 Seconds

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Two small, self-funded start-ups, and The Free Obamacare Guide combine their efforts in order to bring consumers, who are still struggling with the Obamacare enrollment site, answers regarding the real world costs. Their easy-to-use widget provides consumers whom are candidates for the ACA with answers in less than one minute. It also allows websites to easily publish this data with just a few mouse clicks.

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So, by creating a solution that will let people know, for example, that a policy they thought would cost $350 a month will actually only cost $135 a month after the subsidy is applied is, in our opinion, essential considering's issues. is pleased to announce the launch of the Obamacare Price Quote Tool. This free widget can be placed on any website and instantly provides consumers with valuable pricing data on health plans within their home state. Additionally, it also provides data that reflects the cost before and after the application of a subsidy. The widget is created utilizing data that is compiled from publicly available resources and compared to current policy pricing trends. For the consumer, the end result is a price estimation tool that has considerable accuracy and quickly helps a person determine their options.

Brad Hayes, spokesman for, explained the genesis of the tool and what their hopes are for it moving forward.

"We have had great concern over whether or not individuals who are going out and trying to price health insurance, either through and or through some of the independent brokers, were experiencing some sticker shock moments. If you do not understand how the subsidies work and how it ultimately brings the price of health insurance down, it is entirely possible that you may see a plan listed at $350 a month and walk away for good without factoring in the subsidy you are due. That sticker shock experience is incredibly damaging and completely undermines what HHS and this administration is trying to accomplish. We had a woman email us stating that her family of five tried pricing out insurance and they received estimates of $1,800 a month or more. We called her and we ran the numbers, accounted for their income and calculated the subsidies, they had many options at less than $400 a month. The woman started to get choked up on the phone once she understood that health insurance can now be a reality for her family. I can't put into words how life changing that is for so many Americans. By creating a solution (the widget) that will let a consumer know, for example, that a policy they thought would cost $350 a month will actually only cost $135 a month or less after the subsidy is applied, is in our opinion incredibly valuable if not critical information, especially considering the recent struggles of and the looming enrollment deadline. We will continue to improve and expand the functionality of the widget, but the version that is live right now will help people understand what some of their options are and will give them the ability to obtain as much granular pricing data as possible from a number of sources aside from"

Hayes also stated that the front facing pricing on the widget is an average of all available policies from a very large number of insurance companies. Instead of just displaying the very lowest rate bronze level plans, the company is compiling an average that includes bronze, silver and gold plans. The benefit of presenting the information this way is that it is going to provide estimates that include some of the best silver and gold level policies available.

If a consumer using the tool decides that they want to explore all available pricing and are having difficulty connecting to, the widget has a link within it that will send them to a contact page, which then connects to a network of health insurance providers who are able to process ACA subsidized policies. Brad Hayes did mention that has been in communication with HHS and are currently in discussions regarding how they can work with HHS direct to bring even more resources and information to consumers. is working exclusively with, a company with proprietary advertising technology specifically designed around the healthcare industry with a focus on the Affordable Care Act. The company works with insurance providers, brokers and other companies within the industry to provide as large a pool of policy and pricing information as possible. According to Brad Hayes, reaches more ACA eligible consumers within the 18 to 34 demographic than any one single company. On October 1st the company had more than 1 million unique visitors across their network and consistently have more overall exposure and organic presence than any other company. Due to the far reach of, Hayes felt that they were a perfect fit for this partnership.

Any website publishers who are interested in placing the ObamaCare Price Quote Tool on their own website can obtain it by simply going to or if they wish to obtain the version created for The Free Obamacare Guide they can do so by going to the following link. Obamacare Quote is based out of West Palm Beach, Florida.

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