New Video by Pinnacle Strategies Highlights Why Good Planning Could Be Leading to Failed Projects

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Video showcases why good planning could lead to failed projects and what leads to successful projects.

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Pinnacle Strategies released a new video highlighting why "good planning" often leads to failed projects. In engineering offices all over the world, projects suffer delays, cost overruns, and missed output projections. Most often the blame is put on bad planning.

If bad planning is responsible for failure, it stands to reason that "good planning" should be the solution to success. And by "good planning," conventional wisdom means "more planning": more pages of tasks, more lines of specifications, and many, many more details. But good planning – at least as it’s commonly understood – is not the answer: it’s the problem.

Things go wrong, and the more "things" there are in a plan, the greater the likelihood that small failures will lead to larger ones. That’s why more planning, in itself, can never lead to timely and efficient project completion. Burdened with details, large plans become constrictive of any given process, suffocating hopes for success. The path to success, therefore, is not more planning, but a focus on effective execution that anticipates problems and has the flexibility necessary for addressing them.

In order to execute, the project team needs:

  • A clear view of the situation
  • Common goals
  • Collaboration

Planning will not, and should not, go away. But good planning doesn’t mean more planning. More planning defeats its purpose by burying the project team in detail it cannot manage. Smart project plans must fit the size of the team that drives the execution of the plan and manages the uncertainties of execution. Planning is not an objective in its own right, the plan’s sole purpose is to enable and guide execution. Better planning anticipates problems and gives project managers the tools they need to take corrective actions as they are needed. By substituting dynamic execution for static adherence to overly detailed plans, project managers acquire the power to make workflows work.

Watch the video titled "Is Your Good Planning Leading to Failed Projects" here To view other videos by Pinnacle Strategies, please visit:

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