Local Dentist is Debunking Cavity Myths and Now Offers a Groundbreaking Solution for Tooth Decay

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Dr. Christopher Baer now offers CariFree, a novel solution to his patient’s cavities.

Dr. Baer

This new treatment modality allows us to get rid of the cavity causing bacteria in the mouth and help prevent transmission to loved ones. Who wouldn't love to keep their kids from getting cavities?

There are many myths about cavities. Most believe cavities are caused by too much sugar, bad genes, or rotten luck. Unfortunately, these commonly held beliefs have led to a misinformed and cavity-ridden public. Globally, tooth decay is at pandemic levels. It is evident that most patients do not know what is causing their tooth decay or how to properly prevent it.

Dr. Christopher Baer, realizes the knowledge gap among the general public regarding the disease, its effects and how to stop it.

Educated at the Oregon Health and Sciences University School of Dentistry and practicing dentistry for 9 years, Dr. Baer now offers his patients something far different from the typical "brush, floss, and don't eat sugar" prescription. In an effort to both reeducate and better treat patients, Dr. Baer is launching a new program in his office. It is a caries (cavity) risk assessment program developed by CariFree that is shown to decrease incidence of tooth decay by up to 74%. The system is based on a medical model of risk assessment called CAMBRA or Caries Management by Risk Assessment. The CariFree system requires the dental professional to assess each and every patient’s risk factors for the dental caries disease (medication use, snacking habits, bacterial levels etc.) and then develop a personalized treatment plan to systematically lower their risk. Dr.Baer, can tell a patient exactly what is causing their disease as well as what their statistical likelihood is of developing more or new tooth decay over the next 12 months.

Dental caries is a multifactoral disease caused by an imbalanced oral environment. It is a disease best assessed, diagnosed and managed by identifying disease indicators and risk factors, and examining the balance between pathogenic and protective factors. Each patient is different and requires a complete assessment in order to determine why they are experiencing tooth decay. This process provides both patients and practitioners with a specific probability for future decay for that individual. Patients that are found to be at risk can then be presented with early intervention advice, educational materials, and prescription /professional products. According to Dr. Baer: “The standard idea that 'you have cavities - you need to brush more and floss more' does not work anymore. This new treatment modality allows us to get rid of the cavity causing bacteria in the mouth and help prevent transmission to loved ones. Who wouldn't love to keep their kids from getting cavities?”

The facts about tooth decay are in; no longer does the public need to suffer from a painful yet preventable disease. Dr. Baer knows the CariFree system will tell each patient the truth about their decay and how to stop it.

For more information on the CariFree system go to http://www.carifree.com. To call now and make your appointment with Dr. Baer and his/her team call (303) 557-6453.

About Dr. Baer:

Ever since I was a child, I loved working with my hands, taking things apart, and putting them back together again. As a dentist, I am able to put this to good use all while helping people improve the quality of their lives. My work is never really work because I truly love what I do. Every day is exciting and brings new challenges and rewards. I get to meet so many new and exciting, interesting people and help them achieve their dental goals.

Like many of my patients, I never liked going to the dentist when I was growing up. I take every day as a new opportunity to help reshape people’s views about dentistry. Regardless of whether they are children or adults, I believe all patients deserve a positive dental experience.

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