Increasingly Destructive Hurricanes Attributed to Climate Change, Greater Population Density

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Climatologist DeWayne Cecil, PhD reports on climate change, hurricanes and typhoons on the Sharon Kleyne Hour, hosted by Bio Logic Aqua Founder.

There is evidence that highly destructive weather events, such as Hurricane Sandy and the recent Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, are becoming stronger and more frequent. There is also evidence, according to Climatologist DeWayne Cecil, PhD, speaking on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® radio show, that at least some of the increased destruction is due to a burgeoning and increasingly dense and urban human population with greatly increased infrastructure. In other words, says Cecil, there is more to destroy than there was 20 to 50 years ago.

DeWayne Cecil, PhD, has had a distinguished career as a Climatologist in academic, government and private research. He has been employed as a researcher for the USGS Water Resources Discipline, the NASA Earth Observation Satellite program, Director of NOAA’a Western Region Climate Services and most recently, Chief Climatologist for Global Science and Technology, Inc.

Sharon Kleyne hosts the globally syndicated Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® radio show on VoiceAmerica and Apple iTunes. Kleyne is Founder of Bio Logic Aqua Research, which specializes in research, education, technology, and product development in the areas of fresh water, atmospheric vapor and human health. Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, the company’s global signature product, provides a pure fresh water mist to instantly supplement lost water in eyes and skin due to dehydration from increasingly dry and polluted air.

According to Dr. Cecil, recent scientific data definitely reflects a warming trend in the atmosphere and an increase in the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. The reason for the warmer temperatures is that the increase in greenhouse gases causes more heat from the sun to be trapped in the atmosphere rather than be reflected back into space. There is also some evidence, Dr. Cecil notes, that the most abundant greenhouse gas, water vapor, is diminishing slightly in the upper atmosphere.

More heat in the atmosphere, according to Dr. Cecil, equals more energy in the atmosphere. One result of greater heat and energy in the atmosphere is stronger and more frequent weather events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons.

Dr. Cecil points out that the recent global warming trend and the apparent increase in violent weather events may be partly human caused but may also be part of a normal cyclical pattern. Cecil stresses that it cannot be definitively concluded or disproved that Hurricane Sandy or Typhoon Haiyan were caused by global warming.

Either way, Cecil concludes, humans should place a high priority on attempting to rebalance our atmospheric energy and reduce excess accumulation of greenhouse gases. And humans should definitely increase their preparedness for major weather events.

Dr. Cecil can state for certain that the human population is rapidly increasing and becoming more urbanized, and that human infrastructure – roads and buildings - is growing proportionately. Since 60% of the world population lives near an oceans, and since hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones form over warm tropical oceans, there is definitely much more to be destroyed that there was 20 to 50 years ago.

The recent history of Panama City, Panama, according to Sharon Kleyne, is illustrative. Since 1950, the population of Panama has quadrupled. Since the 1970’s, Panama City has been constructing high-rise buildings near the ocean to accommodate a surging population and a global banking economy. There are now over 200 high-rise buildings. As a result, a hurricane in Panama City in 2013 would be infinitely more destructive than in 1950.

Dr. Cecil was interviewed by Sharon Kleyne on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® radio show of November 25, 2013. The interview may be heard via podcast at or Live shows air on Mondays at 10:00 a.m. PST.

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