Is Your Heat System Blowing Cold Air? Phoenix Heating Contractor Provides Possible Solutions

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Air Care Cooling & Heating In Phoenix Provides Tips To Try If Your Heating System Is Blowing Cold Air

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Fall Maintenance can help you avoid cold air blowing from your heat system

If you live in an area that requires home heating, it is just a matter of time before your furnace needs servicing. The amount of work required from a furnace affects how often service is needed, much like it would a car or truck. However, just like a vehicle, your furnace could require service after a long dry-spell, even if you use it infrequently. Do not assume that because you only need to heat your home for a few weeks each year that you will never need furnace maintenance Phoenix. Whether your heat is from an oil burning furnace, or one that runs on natural gas or propane, eventually it will need service.

One of the most frequent calls that come into a Phoenix contractor heat service shop concerns the temperature of the air blowing from the system. Many people fire up their furnace for the first time when the temperatures drop, only to find the air blowing from it is not much warmer than what is already in the home. This is a common problem, especially after several months of neglecting your furnace and enjoying the naturally warm temps in your home. In some cases, allowing the furnace to run for a few extra minutes might be enough to get the heat cranking. Allow the heat to click on and blow air for about 10 to 15 minutes before panicking during its first winter session. Hopefully it will heat up on its own.

If the air remains chilled, check the thermostat. As silly as it seems, some people forget to click their thermostat over to heat from air conditioning. Even if you remember to make the change, there’s a chance someone in the home intentionally or accidentally set it back. It is worth a look if it means saving a call to the Phoenix AZ furnace repair shop.

If the thermostat is set on heat and you are still feeling only cold air, check the fuse box. In some homes, if the fuse is blown or needs to be reset, the furnace can still blow air, but it is not heated or cooled. A simple reset or new fuse might do the trick.

Another problem could be the furnace’s pilot light. If the pilot light has gone out the air blowing through the vent system cannot be heated. If you have never checked the light before, you want to look for a blue flame inside of your furnaces combustion chamber. This only applies to gas furnaces, so if you have an electric furnace, the pilot light will not be an issue. Once you have located the light or determined it is not lit, you can reset it. Follow the instructions included with your furnace manual. Most modern furnaces are very simple to use and require only the turning of a knob or pushing of a button to reignite the pilot light.

If none of these seems to make a change in the temperature of the air, it is time to call in the pros. Air Care Cooling & Heating will determine the problem and help you get it fixed, so your home stays warm and cozy throughout the winter.

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