Gluten Free Therapeutics Launches Celi•Vites

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Breakthrough supplements for celiacs target body, bones and blood.

"We believe Celi-Vites will be the go-to product to enhance the quality of life for celiacs and those choosing to live a gluten-free lifestyle.”

Gluten Free Therapeutics ( announce the launch of Celi•Vites, a line of scientifically formulated supplements designed specifically for those suffering from the debilitating effects of celiac disease and those who have chosen a gluten-free lifestyle. Committed to the highest quality products on the market, company founders worked with highly respected formulators to source the finest ingredients and developed Body Heath and Blood Health supplements with the safest and most efficacious gluten-free ingredients available. The company plans to introduce its third product, a Bone Health supplement, in the first quarter of 2014.

According to company Principal and Founder Leigh Reynolds, plans for the line were set into motion by her daughter’s celiac diagnosis and is dedicated to all those who share the debilitating effects of celiac disease and gluten intolerance, two of the fastest-growing conditions in the world today.

“As a mother, when your child is sick, you’ll take drastic measures to find the right food, medication or treatment to make them well," said Reynolds. “My background in the pharmaceutical industry merged with my empathy for my daughter and those like her made me a very tenacious creator."

For those living with celiac disease, the nutritional challenges are clear. While almost everything in "normal" food—dairy, bread, most processed foods—is fortified with vitamins and minerals that help balance the diet and give us the nutrients we need to live healthfully, gluten-free foods are manufactured differently and don’t offer those same fortifications. As a result, celiacs (and those on a gluten free diet by choice) are missing out on some important nutrients.

With more than two decades of experience as executive management in the pharmaceutical and retail sectors, Reynolds had insights and know-how that put her company on the fast track. Before launching Celi•Vites, she was the chief operating officer of a Boston-based pharmaceutical company with multinational distribution and was responsible for the company’s highly successful startup through its profitable sale. Her expertise includes supply chain sourcing and management, quality and regulatory system oversight, product development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales.

Leigh's daughter, Dr. Taylor Reynolds, is a veterinary pathologist/scientist with a focus on the immune system. She received her B.A. from Colorado College, D.V.M. from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, and Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. While studying for her residency in her early 30s, Taylor was diagnosed with celiac disease and her symptoms, as for many celiacs, were challenging: she suffered extreme fatigue, weight loss, thinning hair, profound anemia and osteopenia. Finally diagnosed, her symptoms abated when she removed gluten from her diet, but her nutritional testing remained subpar.

She joined her mother’s company in the quest for optimal health, and her education and extensive training made her a natural fit. Today, in addition to her thriving career, she serves as the vice president of research and development at Gluten Free Therapeutics.

It was an impressive collaboration right from the start. With their combined talents, Leigh and Taylor Reynolds were uniquely positioned to confront the issue with clarity of purpose, insight, scientific knowledge, spot-on research and a commitment to creating the finest products on the market today, products that can make a marked difference in the lives of those managing their celiac disease and those living a GF lifestyle by choice.

“Research shows that the long-term and hidden effects of celiac disease remain a serious concern, even for those who stop eating gluten,” said Dr. Taylor Reynolds. “We spent more than a year compiling current medical research to identify the common deficiencies in the gluten-free diet and determining how nutrients are best introduced into and absorbed by the digestive system. The result is Celi-Vites ( a line of top-quality products that we believe every person living gluten free will find impressive.”

To add insult to injury, celiacs often have absorption issues that prevent their bodies from accepting the nutrients naturally found in food. This problem widens the nutrient gap and increases the probability of concurrent nutritional deficiencies and sometimes results in anemia or low bone density (osteopenia or osteoporosis). Those with celiac disease also face the possibility of other malnutrition-related disorders, such as peripheral neuropathy. The right supplements can complement the diet and help celiacs regain and maintain robust health.

What makes Celi•Vites exceptional? First, Celi•Vites were created without diluting the premium ingredients with lesser forms, a common practice among supplement formulators. Furthermore, the products, unlike many of their counterparts, contain the correct recommended daily value (RDV) of each selected ingredient, ensuring that those suffering with celiac disease and those on a gluten free diet truly get the nutrients they need. In addition, Celi•Vites were created to be safe and readily bioavailable, and all products are batch tested to be free of gluten to less than 5ppm.

“We mined data from respected medical research and sought recommendations from industry leaders,” said Leigh Reynolds. “Using that information, we educated our formulators and sourced the finest ingredients available to create Celi•Vites. We believe they will be the go-to product to enhance the quality of life for celiacs and those choosing to live a gluten-free lifestyle.”

Celi•Vites Blood Health Formula includes:

  •     Ferrochel®, a patented form of chelated iron, with three times the bioavailabiliy of ferrous sulfate
  •     Research showed that Ferrochel® resulted in zero gastrointestinal complaints
  •     PureWay-C®, a highly absorbable form of vitamin C, for increased iron absorption
  •     5-MTHF, the Body Ready, coenzyme form of folic acid, for red blood cell development
  •     Body Ready, coenzyme form of vitamin B12 to support nerve function + red blood cell development

Celi•Vites Body Health Formula includes:

  •     Adult multivitamin and multimineral supplement
  •     Active, coenzyme forms of B vitamins (including 5-methyltetrahydrofolate [5-MTHF]) – these are Body Ready
  •     Patented chelated minerals from Albion Labs for maximal absorption and utilization
  •     PureWay-C®, a highly absorbable form of vitamin C
  •     A proprietary blend of bio-enhancing phytonutrients
  •     Supports healthy digestion with betaine hydrochloride

About Gluten Free Therapeutics/Celi•Vites
Maine-based Gluten Free Therapeutics is the parent company of Celi•Vites, a line of scientifically formulated supplements designed specifically for those who have chosen a gluten-free lifestyle and those suffering from the debilitating effects of celiac disease. Company founders are committed to creating the highest quality products on the market, and therefore, Celi•Vites are made with the most efficacious and safe gluten-free ingredients available. The company formulated the line by mining data from in-depth medical research, partnering with industry leaders and implementing contemporary best practices. Launched in the fall of 2013, the Body Health and Blood Health supplements are available online at and The Bone Health supplement will be introduced by the first quarter of 2014.


For more information on Celi•Vites or to schedule an interview with Leigh or Taylor Reynolds, contact Ann Ewing, Ewing Communications, at 615-419-3753 or aewing62(at)gmail(dot)com.

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