Green Equipment Options Assisting Facility Managers of Multi-Family Buildings Get Water Sourced Heat Pump Replacement Units at Discounted Pricing

Discounted pricing, energy efficiency and tenant satisfaction are a few reasons why facility managers should take advantage of a the Green Equipment Options' sale of bulk orders of ClimateMaster water sourced heat pumps.

Northern California (PRWEB) January 02, 2014

Green Equipment Options' service coupled with ClimateMaster's equipment reputation of low maintenance costs, energy efficiency and discounted pricing it makes sense for Facility Managers to proactively replace units that are at the end of their usable life to reduce tenant complaints and increase occupancy of their buildings.

Planned replacement for water-sourced heat pumps is important because often times these units need to be manufactured and/or shipped and for a bulk order the expectation is that they may need to be built to order. This can take some time.

Planning ahead puts the facilities manager, property manager in a great position to replace as they break or facilitate an organized replacement with notifications to the tenants. HVAC professionals can identify the buildings in their area that have water sourced heat pumps and start contacting them to get the replacement units installed. Green Equipment Options will help HVAC contractors with their marketing to contact these tenants and residents to maximize HVAC contractors' efficiency when installing and the savings can be passed to the customer as an incentive.

Green Equipment Options, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of energy efficient and renewable heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and other applicable products. Our goal is to get many of these innovative products in the hands of building, construction and retrofit professional's hands. Equal partners Kent Penning, Susan Nichol and John Townsend share a passion to reduce carbon emissions, reduce energy costs and dependence on foreign oil.

If you are an HVAC contractor in Northern California or you want to be more involved in renewable heating and cooling, or perhaps you are in need of a wholesale water sourced heat pump(s) or other geothermal equipment or parts, contact Green Equipment Options for advice and ordering. Green Equipment Options can be reached at 408.412.8500 or contact: info(at)greenequipmentoptions(dot)com.