Vapor Diet, LLC Launches Appetite Control Device, Transforms Weight Loss and Dieting Techniques

Vapor Diet™ is a new diet vapor device unit consisting of a battery, a heating element and a pre-filled flavor e-juice tip, intended to curb cravings and promote weight loss. Simply puff cravings away.

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TAMPA, Fla. (PRWEB) December 13, 2013

A revolutionary appetite controlling diet vapor device has been launched by, made available to the public this December. Vapor Diet™ offers zero-calorie desserts, snacks and various vapor e-liquid flavors intended to curb cravings and jump-start weight loss.

The device consists of a battery, a heating element (e- juice vapor unit) and a pre-filled flavor e-juice tip, with flavors ranging from red velvet cake to hot tamale candy. The user inhales through the device, prompting the vaporizer to release natural e-juice flavors. By enhancing taste and smell, the Vapor Diet system provides a sense of fullness and inspires weight loss.

Containing no harmful chemicals, Vapor Diet formulas are made with FDA approved food grade flavorings, and are composed of natural dietary supplements that block fat and curb hunger.

“Sweet addicts and night eaters will greatly benefit from this product, which replaces those high-calorie treats and late night snacks we all love. With Christmas approaching, this is the device that will prevent overeating,” says company owner Ryan Krupnick.

To celebrate the holiday season, Vapor Diet is offering a discounted starter kit for $99.00, to include one Vapor Diet unit, a USB charger, instructions and video tutorials, three flavor tips, and 3 refill bottles. For those who are trying to get through the holiday season without gaining the extra pounds, try substituting the pumpkin pie or candy cane flavor tips from Vapor Diet, which taste the same for zero calories.

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About Vapor Diet™
Vapor Diet launched in December 2013, providing a revolutionary weight loss system, perhaps the most innovative on the market today. It's as easy as inhale, indulge and lose weight.


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