Altibase In-Memory Database Selected for “e-banking” by Top National Bank in India for Extreme Performance, Zero Latency, High Throughput and Time-Proven Security

ALTIBASE HDB™ with its Hybrid architecture combines the incomparable speed of an In-Memory Database with the storage capacity of an On-Disk Database as a single solution and was chosen by a leader in nationalized banking in India to manage its online banking system.

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Altibase: Indian Bank
Online banking quite literally places money and human identities everywhere at all times. Fortunately, data security, integrity, and reliability are the hallmarks of Altibase’s battle-tested In-Memory database solutions.


With the growth and reliance on Internet banking, multiple factors influenced the bank’s selection of a database that could handle the complexities of online banking. The younger and highly connected generation of banking customers demands speed, peace of mind, and 100% uptime. Robust, online banking is no longer a luxury, but a critical component for customer attraction and retention for banks worldwide.

“Online banking quite literally places money and human identities everywhere at all times. Fortunately, data security, integrity, and reliability are the hallmarks of Altibase’s battle-tested In-Memory database solutions. With years of experience in mission-critical operations, Altibase is unequivocally confident that this banking giant’s online banking system will thrive in India.” – Chris Chung, CEO of Altibase Inc.

Since 1999, Altibase has proven its ability to provide secure, reliable, and scalable In-Memory database solutions with over 500 enterprise clients and thousands of deployments. It is through this maturity that the most discerning global organizations rely on Altibase for their mission-critical data management strategies.

“The internet banking system in India required a database management system that would be able to handle large volumes of data using the disk-database while processing data at extreme speeds using the in-memory database. Altibase is the most mature In-Memory database solution out there with tremendous experience in the banking sector, which allowed our bank to have the confidence to upgrade our e-banking systems and process high volumes of authentication data in real-time.” – Spokesperson at Nationalized Bank in India.

“Altibase is thrilled that India’s banking leader chose its In-Memory database, and it looks forward to being a vital part of its continued growth and success.” – Chris Chung, CEO of Altibase Inc.

According to the Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business: “The results of the study indicate that legal and security, socio-cultural, and management and banking issues are accepted as challenges for the development of e-banking but that there is less awareness regarding new technologies and unsuitable software…”

Fledgling technologies are inundating the database market today. The explosion in the high performance database arena is a cause of much confusion, mistakes, and ultimately exposes corporations and consumers to a high level of risk.

“There is no doubt that speed and scalability are essential to fortify business, increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction for economic growth. There are many wonderful database solutions out there for a variety of use cases that are not mission-critical. There are very few, however, that are proven with thousands of real-world use cases for the most critical applications. ” – Chris Chung, CEO of Altibase Inc.

ALTIBASE HDB™ with its Hybrid architecture combines the power of an In-Memory database with the storage capacity of on-disk data management in a single unified engine. Altibase is not only vertically scalable but has virtually no limitations to horizontal scalability with absolute ACID compliance. Its solutions have optimized performance, profitability and reliability in areas such as online banking, online trading, authentication, FX margin trading and options trading.

ALTIBASE HDB™ provides ways to drastically increase speed, reduce spend, increase revenue while ensuring complete data integrity, zero latency and zero downtime.

About Altibase:
Altibase is the pioneer and world leader of In-Memory database solutions. Altibase is wholly focused on In-Memory, high performance computing solutions and serves industries worldwide.

Altibase has helped hundreds of enterprise clients in Telecommunications, Finance, Manufacturing, and Government with their growing database management needs.

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