NEARLOGIN - NearBytes Launches Authentication Solution for Mobile Device and Web Applications

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After the NearBytes SDK, and the NearBytes Web Plugin, NearBytes is now launching a solution designed for developers and final users called NearLogin. It uses NearBytes to produce a safe login or electronic key that can be used to sign into services, accounts, machines and much more.

It can be used in lots of different online and offline validation scenarios that require authentication.

NearLogin is a NearBytes system that streamlines the development and integration of Token, Password and Electronic Key applications for online and offline mobile devices. NearLogin comes with a premium communication version of NearBytes and NearBytes Web Plugin, and includes a security layer with an OTP generator (One Time Password) using an advanced server structure. With NearLogin integrated into mobile login application, the user just places his smartphone close to the other device, that can be a computer or tablet, and thus validates his operation in a fast and simple way.

The NearLogin solution can be used in lots of different online and offline validation scenarios that require authentication: banking authentications, login/password systems, offline authentication on kiosks, self-service kiosks to retrieve coupons and vouchers, attendance confirmation, website subscriptions, other authentications.

NearLogin includes a robust server structure on the Internet allowing the validation and confirmation of authentication tokens, providing the user with an easy and practical authentication service, that works online and offline, offering the highest levels of safety, required by the most critical applications.

NearLogin users are associated to identities. For each mobile application that uses the NearLogin solution there is a unique secure identity for code generation.

The NearLogin system can easily be integrated into a mobile or web application. The use of the solution, just as in the case of the NearBytes SDK, is flexible and available through licensing, where the calculation of the cost is based on the number of user ids, and includes the NearBytes SDK license (the communication layer).

Video explaining NearLogin:

Video explaining the NearBytes WEB Plugin:

NearLogin being used with a game website:

NearLogin being used with an online course website:

Example: Courses, Games and Digital Subscription services

The NearLogin solution is particularly relevant for the e-Learning and paid digital subscription service sectors, because it reduces the amount of password sharing on content websites. The requirement came from several clients and eventually transformed into a solution that can be used by any online subscription website.


Content websites loose a lot of income due to users sharing their login details with other people (ex: Netflix loses the equivalent to 30% of its income this way). Fixing access to a single IP address, or installing cookies does not solve this efficiently, and might even inconvenience the actual account owner.


For content websites the solution eliminates the sharing of login information, because only the smartphone owner can access the content available to desktops and tablets, and this allows the content provider to convert a few of the free users into paid users, or even reduce the subscription price, considering that sharing will have been curbed.

The licensing of the solution uses the number of managed ids as a starting point. Each mobile application that contains the system has a unique safe identification to generate the codes. The solution also includes a NearBytes SDK license.

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