The RLS Supplement that Could Save America $11.2 Billion in Productivity Loss

The RLS-H Formula, a natural supplement company, reveals its internal study that points to a promising Restless Legs Syndrome Cure. The company estimates that if the supplement performs as expected, it could have a significant financial impact on America's productivity.

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) December 12, 2013

The RLS-H Formula is the only natural supplement specifically designed to end restless legs that has achieved approval by Health Canada’s Natural Health Product Directorate (NHPD).

Restless legs affects anywhere from 5% to 25% of the population and usually results in people not being able to get conformable when trying to relax or tossing and turning while sleeping. According to the New York Times, it also affects 20% of pregnant woman especially in the later stage of their pregnancy.

Sleep disorders such as RLS has been well documented to be linked to insomnia which costs billions of dollars in productivity loss. According to a Harvard University study, insomnia could cost an average of 11.3 days of productivity and $2,280 per employee and, because RLS can contribute to insomnia, we estimated that RLS cost $11.2 Billion in productivity loss every year.

The Company, who developed and manufactures the product, published yesterday the results of its internal RLS study.

The small group of 100 RLS sufferers took the RLS-H Formula during one month and recorded their information in a sleep log. The participants also had private one on one consultation to help them maximize the effect of the supplement. Subjects such as when was the ideal time of the day to take the RLS supplements where explored.

The results found that 32% of participants found relief after 20 minutes or less and 68% found relief from RLS within 30 days. The results are extremely promising but a larger clinical study is needed to confirm the findings.

When asked about the results of the study, Shawn Sauve, who suffers from restless legs and created the RLS-H Formula, comments, "We can not say for certain why it takes a few days for some people for it to work but we do have suspicions, it could be that people who are taking pharmaceutical drugs for their RLS have some sort of a healing process that needs to take place so the product can build up in their system for the RLS-H Formula to have its full effect. With our future studies we plan on exploring this topic in more detail. Our goal is first and foremost to provide relief from RLS in a safe effective manner for men and women. Our second goal is to help our customers regain their lives back and productivity at work.”

About us

The RLS-H Formula is a breakthrough RLS supplement that is 100% natural and uses only high grade ingredients that come from organic elements which allow the body to better absorb and maximize their usage. It uses two forms of magnesium combined with a herbal mix that supplies the body with the necessary nutrients to combat RLS and remove the symptoms. Because it is 100% natural, it is safe for pregnant women and people taking pharmaceutical drugs as no negative interactions have been recorded.

For more information about the RLS-H Formula please visit their website at or call Restless Legs at 613.424.2825.


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RLS Study internal results

Internal study for the RLS-H formula

The RLS-H formula is in stores

The RLS-H formula is in stores

Shawn Sauve Creator of the RLS- H Formula Shawn Sauve Creator of the RLS- H Formula

The RLS-H Formula removes the symptoms of restless legs and helps people win back their lives.