Adduco Digital and Their Startup Skooppa - David Goes After 3 Goliaths

German based company Adduco Digital e.K. aims to dig into three industry giants at once, with Platform as a Service, Internet Brands with Online Communities and Facebook with Social Networking with their fresh new project Skooppa - The Social Network and Opinion Platform.

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Skooppa - The Social Knowledge and Opinion Platform

Skooppa - The Social Knowledge and Opinion Platform

We see the Skooppa User Network as our most important and most challenging goal. We see it as the most important, because we know we can kill social media noise with an online community user network. We also see it as a huge challenge, because we need to.

Käshofen, Germany (PRWEB) December 14, 2013

Adduco Digital e.K, a German based company and creator of Skooppa, has come out of a year’s planning and conceptual designing to present their first high level concepts about a revolutionary new system for online community building with their website They have a small team and are taking on a huge adventure by diving into the realms of online community, Platform as a Service and Social Networking and bringing all of these technologies and markets together in a revolutionary new service.

Platform as a Service – Although Skooppa’s leader Scott Molinari doesn’t see Skooppa as a direct competitor to, he does see Skooppa doing the right things, which have done in terms of PaaS in the past - those are to give their customers a proprietary platform, which is powerful, flexible, reliable and fast, on which they can create new applications in minimum time. The other similarity is to give the developers all the room they need to become successful on the platform too. The platform is also purely based on cloud computing, so it solves a number of issues many online communities have with running a community with “on-premise” or “boxed” software.

Online Community – As the former partner to Internet Brands, vendor of the vBulletin software, Adduco Digital has gained over a century of experience in helping and running online communities. Thus, their new service will take advantage of this wealth of experience and will be aimed primarily at their former customers, the community owners, to give them a new and revolutionary way to build strong and successful online communities.

Social Networks – It is very clear to almost every online community owner today that Facebook and other social networks are stealing online time away from their communities. This is a bad trend for online communities. Stopping this bleeding is one of the Skooppa team’s main goals, through the first ever online community user network – The Skooppa User Network.

“We see the Skooppa User Network as our most important and most challenging goal. We see it as the most important, because we know we can kill social media noise with an online community user network. We also see it as a huge challenge, because we need to get online community owners to let go of the prevailing – they are my users – attitude and get them into a more – we are stronger when our users are united – attitude. It isn’t going to be easy, but we think this is definitely a way for online communities to strike back at social networks and become the better social network they actually are. We are very excited to take on this challenge, because we know it is for the good and success of online communities in general. We want online communities to be successful!” exclaims Scott Molinari, Skooppa’s leader.

Skooppa’s short term goal will be to move into the phase of creating their final business plan. To do this though, they will need initial seed funding to build test mock-ups on cloud computing infrastructure. They plan to get their seeding through crowd funding on in the very near future. Their intention is to build their business case to match their bold concepts, create a fantastic business plan and then go for angel investment.

Scott’s appeal to interested online community owners, “We are stuck in a chicken and egg situation. We know our ideas and concepts are great, however, to get them rolling, we need the support of online community owners, who know there must be a better way to run much more vibrant and successful online communities, than what is offered to them today.”

For more information and to join the Skooppa movement, visit their website at

About Adduco Digital
The definition of the latin word “adduco” describes our business premise. Make or support products and services that intice and attract, influence and impress. Adduco’s main goal is to provide services that satisfy and products that perform. We realize that this is the only way to achieve success in the very rough and tumble internet of today. Quality and its rewards are what we seek, for ourselves and our customers.


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