All Clear Translations Global Buyers Forecast for 2014

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Based on U.S. clients with global sales we have compiled a list of languages and global regions to help build global marketing strategies with translations in 2014.

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By working with U.S. clients who are selling worldwide, we created a list of languages and regions to build new global markets. Most of this data is based on industrial and B to B communications of clients. Consumer goods and healthcare translations have a high need for even more localized language translations.

Canada (French) and Mexico (Spanish)– U.S. exporters largest trading partners. This is a great way to start to export. Ease of shipping, many state and federal resources to help and need for our products makes them natural jumping points for many of our clients.

United States – Spanish is the most often requested language from clients.1 in 6 adults in the U.S. is Hispanic. It was projected their spending power for 2013 would surpass 1.3 Trillion USD. In California 44%, of its population speaks another language other than English at home. Laredo Texas has 92% of its population speaking another language at home. Highest percentage of languages spoken at home are Spanish (37.6 million), Chinese (2.9 million), Tagalog (1.6 million) Consumer goods and Healthcare companies especially are reaching out to people here in the U.S. translating into Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian and more.

Asia remains a growth area for our clients.

Even with the lower projections for GDP growth, China (simplified Chinese) has a large presence globally and has been a great market for clients. The written language is simplified Chinese. India’s population is booming and the need for water, healthcare, and infrastructure solutions has it engaging our U.S. companies to help build its economy. English is an official language in India, Hindi is another language that may be required when you introduce a new product. Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia), Malaysia (Malay), and the Philippines (Tagalog) are buying more products like software solutions, medical devices, and automation for their manufacturing.

Germany – Germany is the largest buying power in Europe for Robotics and Hi-tech manufactured products. There are many German companies based in the U.S. and ease of entrance is possible.

Russia – an almost unlimited need for infrastructure solutions and 140 million consumers makes this a new market for many clients. The growing middle class and need for medical solutions creates opportunity to sell into this new market. Recently, the state of PA added representatives there to help PA business build there.

Brazil – Brazil has so much going on. 2014 is the World Cup and 2016 they host the Olympics. To do this, they are reaching out to our U.S. clients for solutions that range from engineering to manufacturing. Brazilian Portuguese is the official language and you will not do business there without feet on the street. Luckily, US Commercial service and PA reps will help you build a marketing plan and sales.

Africa – South Africa uses English as an official language. There may have need for Africaans or another language depending on what type of produce is being introduced to this market. Use of the smartphone in Africa has created new solutions like: Online Banking, mobile applications, online shopping and more. Software and mobile application companies who can enable this population to connect with new products and services will find this a growth market. There are more smartphones than toilets in Africa. African countries are looking for help to build their infrastructure and economies with American technology.

Stop and consider the possibilities. Companies will find translating marketing materials, videos, and product information a catalyst to blow open sales goals and marketing ROI in 2014.

All Clear Translations wishes you a successful and abundant year. Make it, translate it and they will buy it.

About the Author:
Linda Richardson is the President and owner of All Clear Translations, LLC. Their translations and localization transform websites, software, technical manuals and marketing materials into all languages helping to increase your sales. Their unique process can include Plain English to help companies increase understanding and comprehension while reducing translation and production costs of manuals. Their audio voice-over technologies and video translations enable spoken and written communication in many languages. Email Linda at linda(at)allcleartranslations(dot)com and visit their website

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