Excitingly Different Way to Lose Weight; Burn White Fat

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Photonic Developments LLC is now offering a new way to lose weight by maximizing melatonin that stimulates development of brown fat that burns white fat.

Studies in Germany dating back to 1974 (1) describe how production of brown fat is stimulated by melatonin, the hormone of darkness. In 2001, it was shown that it is the blue rays in ordinary white light that suppress the production of melatonin. Exposure to ordinary light in the evening keeps most people from making melatonin. At John Carroll University we have developed (in 2005) light bulbs that don’t make blue light. Use of these light bulbs allows the body to generate melatonin for about 12 hours a night.

As an alternative, eyeglasses that eliminate the blue rays in ordinary white light are also available at http://www.lowbluelights.com operated by Photonic Developments LLC . Filters for TV and computer screens are also available as well as filters for iPhone and tablets.

Maximizing melatonin by avoiding blue light for three or four hours in advance of bedtime (coupled with 8 hours sleep in darkness) will not only help in losing weight but will allow a person to fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly. Getting up at about the same time every morning and exposing the eyes to light will help establish a regular schedule that is necessary in maximizing melatonin.

Recent studies(2) show that exercising in a cold environment results in both generating more brown fat and also of burning white fat . Exercise helps in so many ways besides building more brown fat and burning calories. It is highly recommended by everyone for everyone.

Just exposure to cold (3) causes the brown fat to burn white fat resulting in weight loss. Turning down the thermostat is recommended as a way to get rid of unwanted pounds. When the body contains more brown fat, the heat it generates while burning white fat allows a person to feel comfortable at lower room temperatures.

Maximizing melatonin every night for several months will gradually increase the amount of brown fat. At the same time, by gradually dropping room temperature the body will slowly adjust to the lower temperatures. This can be done without discomfort because the body is generating heat internally while burning off the excess white fat. Studies (4) in rats given extra melatonin showed their body temperature was actually 1.3 degrees C higher than their liter mates not given extra melatonin. Just a modest drop in room temperature of a few degrees will help drop weight while saving money on the heating bill.

For answers to questions, please call Dr. Richard Hansler at 216 397 1657 or email him at rhansler(at)jcu(dot)edu. He is the author of “Great Sleep! Reduced Cancer!,” “Heroes of Cancer Prevention Research” and “Pregnant? New Baby? Need Sleep!” available on the website as paperback books or as Kindle books (Amazon) for 99cents each.

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