Safety Is The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer

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Families will soon gather to engage in any number of traditions in observance of the Christmas holiday. Unfortunately, many of those same families will commit oversights that can create serious hazards, which is why the Ochs Law Firm has compiled holiday-themed safety tips that can mitigate the danger.’ll want to take some simple precautions that will have you leading a wonderful life rather than taking a longer than planned Christmas vacation.

With the holidays right around the corner, families are finalizing their travel plans and looking forward to annual traditions. It’s a festive time of the year that people should rightfully celebrate.

What many families may not realize is just how hazardous Christmas and the lead-up to it can be in terms of personal injury. Numerous risks get overlooked at this time of the year, especially on the big day, the chaos of which can turn a household upside-down.

On December 5, the Consumer Product Safety Commission came out with a report called “Deck the Halls” Safely, and it provides an eye-opening look at some of the dangers that crop up in November and December. This timeframe saw 15,000 injuries in 2012 alone, which is the fourth year that injury levels have actually increased in the United States.

The Ochs Law Firm has seen the fallout of these hazards firsthand. The holidays often see a string of incidents that lead people to seek legal help, but Jason Ochs hopes that such disasters can be avoided in the first place this Christmas season.

“Christmas is a time to gather with family to exchange gifts, share a meal, and recognize our blessings in the world,” said Mr. Ochs. “It shouldn’t be a time to have to go to the emergency room with a serious and avoidable injury. Whether you’re sticking near the homestead this Christmas or traveling a great distance, you’ll want to take some simple precautions that will have you leading a wonderful life rather than taking a longer than planned Christmas vacation.”

With that in mind, the Ochs Law firm has produced some safety tips that can make Christmas festivities more merry and less scary.

•You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out With That Thing- Toy safety should be a primary concern on Christmas. Small parts, projectiles, lasers, loud noises, and sharp edges are just some of the things that parents must take into consideration when picking out toys for their children.

•The Gift That Keeps On Giving You Trouble- In the rush to open a gift, persons may accidentally endanger themselves by tearing apart a piece of jagged plastic or using a pair of scissors to cut through cardboard. Adults should be available to supervise gift opening among children. That will also mean making sure that wrapping paper gets placed in the trash rather than the fireplace.

•Every Time A Horn Honks, An Auto Gets A Ding- Cold weather means dangerous driving conditions, especially in a state like Wyoming where blizzards are the norm. When traveling any sort of distance for the holidays, check up on weather patterns prior to heading out and leave plenty of time to get to the destination. That way, there won’t be a temptation to engage in dangerous maneuvers that can cause sliding on icy roads.

•Dreaming Of Alight Christmas- Be cognizant of the many, many fire hazards that exist during the holidays. By the time Christmas rolls around, most trees are more brittle than the candy canes stuffed into stockings over the hearth, and they’re even more of a fire threat than those same stockings. Cigarettes, candles, space heaters: all need to be kept far away from Christmas trees or anything else that can cause a home to go up in flames if set ablaze.

•Thought For Food- The fruitcake may be the least of your worries when trying to keep people from getting sick. A food thermometer should be used to verify that a given dish is done, and at no point should the same utensils used to prepare raw meat items be used for things like dips and slaws.

•Christmas Slip and Fall Risks Are All Around- When you feel the cold in your fingers and feel it in your toes, a slip and fall is just waiting to happen. Persons who invite guests into their homes owe it to those guests to clear ice from all walking paths and remove from within the home any clutter that could cause someone to fall and suffer an injury.

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