Great Gift for Grandpa or Grandma - Better Breathing in a Fun Package, the Pulmonica

Available in the US just in time for the holidays, this specially constructed pulmonary harmonica helps improve breathing. No musical talent required, and there’s a coupon code below.

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Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) December 15, 2013

This year, buy something really useful for your loved ones. Developed for a family member with breathing problems, the Pulmonica is a pulmonary harmonica designed for nonmusicians that exercises the diaphragm and chest muscles to improve breathing. The low tuning is meditative and soothing, and provides a pulsing that helps loosen lung and sinus congestion. After congestion is cleared, breathing is easier.

“This makes a great gift for anyone who has ever been a smoker or exposed to second-hand smoke, letting them know that you want them to stay around for a long time. It really is the gift of better breathing, but it’s fun too. And best of all, we have taken a high-quality harmonica and tuned it so everyone can benefit from deep breathing exercises,” says Dr. Keller, inventor of the Pulmonica.

Through the end of the year, a special discount is being offered on to readers of this article. Use the coupon code PULMONPR and get $5.00 off the $99.95 discounted price now through December 31st.

“Important for everyone, but essential for the millions of people with COPD, asthma, or other breathing problems, deep belly breathing delivers more life-sustaining oxygen to our cells,” says Dr. Keller. “The result is simultaneously relaxing and energizing.”

In a recent study at the Sarasota Senior Friendship Center with nine volunteer COPD patients, who met for a rolling eight-week program that included education about COPD, diaphragmatic breathing, mild exercise, diet, and medication. “All of the patients received a Pulmonica and instructions to inhale and exhale using long, slow, deep and complete belly breaths on the lowest holes manageable for at least five minutes every morning and evening,” says Dr. Keller.

Before and after lung function testing and quality of life assessments showed remarkably consistent results. All nine patients improved, and 91% of their pre-test post-test scores improved, which is a dramatic outcome. All of the patients credited at least some of their improvement to the Pulmonica.

“Adults often lose about 50% of their lung function by age 70, and smokers lose lung function even more quickly, so the Pulmonica can help almost everyone breathe better,” says Dr. Keller. “Many people with shortness of breath or a chronic cough think those conditions are a normal part of aging, but they’re not.”

Handmade in Germany by the world’s oldest harmonica manufacturer, the Pulmonica has stainless steel cover plates and smooth edges that make it a joy to play. More information can be found at and at the Pulmonica page on and on YouTube. Join Pulmonica on Facebook or LinkedIn. The Kellers are available to speak to groups and may be contacted through their website,, or by calling 888-382-9283.


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Play the Pulmonica anywhere! Play the Pulmonica anywhere!

Two seniors play the Pulmonica in the Olympic mountains.

Play the Pulmonica anywhere! Play the Pulmonica anywhere!

Two seniors play the Pulmonica in the Olympic mountains.

Dana Keller plays the Pulmonica Dana Keller plays the Pulmonica

Dana Keller plays the Pulmonica, the re-invented harmonica he and his wife created to help improve breathing for non-musicians