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Poignant new work of fiction by author R. M. Mebane reveals tragically humanizing dimension to our beloved Winter Benefactor. It is published and offered freely to the public by Starshine Galaxy as an excerpt from the full-length publication, “The Santa Tales,” scheduled for release in Q3 2014.

Starshine Galaxy today announced the public release of a new poem called, “Santa Lost a Child.” The poem – a powerfully forthright combination of five stanzas and just 236 words – describes a scenario where Santa and his wife, Jess, lost their first and only child, a daughter, when “he was just a mortal man.”

Starshine Galaxy reported that the poem is an excerpt from a larger fictional work called, “The Santa Tales,” scheduled for publication in late 2014. According to Starshine Galaxy spokesperson, Tracy Spevak, “We have two primary goals with this release. The first is to share a perspective on Santa – a beloved figure in the hearts and minds of many – that shows a profoundly human side to a personage of mythic proportions.”

“The second goal,” Spevak noted, “is to begin to generate interest in ‘The Santa Tales.’ We are hoping to syndicate publication and distribution of this remarkably compassionate and insightful work, and invite potential media partners, corporate endorsers, and other supporters to contact us to discuss collaboration opportunities.”

In the meantime, Starshine Galaxy has shared this “Santa Tales” excerpt by posting it on its main website – starshinegalaxy(dot)com(slash)santa-lost-a-child. It is also reproduced in full below. While the work is copyrighted to the author, R. M. Mebane, he has generously granted permission to republish the work freely, provided that the following copyright statement is included – ©2013 R. M. Mebane. Poem may be reproduced with permission, provided that it is not sold or used directly for commercial purposes.

Santa Lost a Child
by R. M. Mebane

Santa lost a child.
You can see it in his eyes.
There’s a spot of deep dark wisdom there.
Behind the krinkling brightly twinkling
hides the tender sadness of a long lost love.

Santa lost his only child.
You can see it in his hands.
They are soft and sure when he holds a young first born.
They are folded firmly with respect when he counsels an only
on what the future may bring.

Santa lost a daughter.
You can see it in how he is with girls.
He beams bright with glee as he beholds the princess in each,
the pretty one who will live long ... and healthy ... and happily ever after.
May theirs be the dreams that come true.

It was well before the days of yore
when Santa was just a mortal man,
when his soulmate Jess could bear but a single child,
when that child blossomed into a practically perfect little girl,
when that cherished little girl had just turned nine.
That’s when the illness took its wretched hold
and reduced her to a wisp.
And, on a cold gray day, she blew away in the wind.

Santa lost a child, his only child,
his darling daughter, the love of his life.
Now you know why Santa and his wife forsook the mortal world.
And now you know why Santa loves every child
as if each were his very own.

The Author and Publisher

The author of The Santa Tales and the excerpt shared here – “Santa Lost A Child” – is R. M. Mebane – an independent writer and publisher based in Geneva, Illinois.

Starshine Galaxy is best known for its newly acclaimed novel, “Tomorrow Comes: An Emma Story” – a breathtaking novel that presents a compelling view of the AFTER-life and brings inspiring new hope to those who have lost loved ones.

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