Book Alleges Dark Crimes of CIA

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Basilisk press today announced the publication in eBook format the first of four books by author and historian Gregory Douglas. These books, "Conversations with the Crow", "Gestapo Chief", "The DC Diaries" and "Regicide" allege many old and buried secrets from the early days of the CIA.

Crowley as a member of skeet club at West Point

This book discusses such matters as diverse as the overthrow of Salvatore Allende in Chile, the beginnings of a massive drug empire in the Golden Triangle, and the beginnings of massive surveillance programs still in force today.

Basilisk Press announced today the publication of the Ebook, "Conservations with the Crow," by author and historian, Gregory Douglas.

"Conversations with the Crow" are the transcribed conversations between the author and Robert Trumbull Crowley, former Deputy Director of Clandestine Operations for the CIA and one of the most powerful men in the history of the agency. He had worked for the CIA at a top level post since its inception in 1948 and was involved in some of their most important operations.

Crowley, retired, bored and ignored by his former co-workers, struck up a friendship with Douglas because Crowley had found out that Douglas was writing a series of books about Heinrich Mueller, the former head of Hitler's Gestapo. Mueller, who had escaped to Switzerland at the close of the war, was recruited by the CIA in 1948 to come to Washington DC to help in the fight against Communism. Crowley was one of Mueller's primary handlers and one of only a handful of men who knew his true identity.

This book discusses such matters as diverse as the overthrow of Salvatore Allende in Chile, the beginnings of a massive drug empire in the Golden Triangle, the fascinating discussion of possible alien abductions, the beginning of massive surveillance programs run by the notorious James Jesus Angleton, the CIA’s animosity to John F. Kennedy, developing control of the American print media, the American development of flying saucers using material and personnel from cooperative German scientists and many, many more subjects of a similar nature.

After his retirement from the Company, Crowley ran the Delphi Association, a Washingon-based group of retired intelligence members of America’s alphabet agencies and his conversations reflected some of their activities as well.

With the revelations of CIA employee Edward Snowden, there has been a growing interest in Beltway domestic espionage. "Conversations with the Crow" shows very clearly, how and why this developed.

Basilisk Press is three retired stalwart gentlemen from the CIA, chronically depressed with work-related memories, who took heart at the courageous activities of Edward Snowden and formed Basilisk Press to purge their hearts of grief and guilty consciences.

A Basilisk is a mythical Middle Ages creature, half rooster and half snake, whose very look turns a person unwise enough to look at him into stone. We have assembled a number of manuscripts which we hope will entertain our readers while causing spastic colon to our former employers. With luck, they too shall turn to stone.

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