Young Jimmy Announces Release of His Debut EP "HOOD ROCK" and New Music Video "Golden Days"

In Young Jimmy's debut he releases a free 7 track EP and raps humorously and painfully while the guitar soars through the tracks like an acrobat. In this medley, which he dubs "HOOD ROCK," Young Jimmy releases a seven track EP that will take the listener to "The Movies" with a hip hop legend, and through modern day Bushwick.

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"n****z use to laugh at me for my tight pants, skate board and that s**t cool. Its my time now."

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) December 17, 2013

Today Young Jimmy released his debut EP "HOOD ROCK." The seven track EP is an eclectic mix of alternative hip-hop and indie rock music, equally influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Tame Impala, Tupac and Biggie. Young Jimmy approaches rap/rock with a fresh perspective that parallels B.o.B., The Black Keys, Andre 3000 and Kid Cudi.

"N****z use to laugh at me for my tight pants, skateboard and guitar. Now that s**t is cool. It's my time now." -Young Jimmy.

He is the city's answer to a generation of culturally outcast kids who can finally stop hiding their rock albums and whip out their skate decks. "HOOD ROCK" takes the listener to "The Movies" with a hip-hop legend and through modern day Bushwick where hipsters chant their town name proudly in the area that cultivated their artistic passions and sparked a new cultural movement. "HOOD ROCK" is a perfect example of the Bushwick sound and where modern day hip-hop and indie rock are going.

"Golden Days" is a nostalgic track off "HOOD ROCK" that takes the listener on a ride through Young Jimmy's old neighborhood of Bushwick and brings them into his personal life.

"As a kid I always wondered why the world was so violent. I was surrounded by violence. Those were my earliest memories." -Young Jimmy

The video for "Golden Days" is a nostalgic attempt at bringing a true story to life with a twist of humor in this 1990s Bushwick inspired music video. Check out the video on YouTube!

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