Maps4News Presents Customized Editorial Maps

Use Maps4News to create eye-grabbing maps custom-styled for any publication.

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Maps4News is a valuable resource to quickly design detailed and attractive maps further enhancing the storytelling experience.

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) December 16, 2013

Maps4News introduces simple software for creating graphically accurate maps from scratch in just minutes for fast-breaking news stories. Maps4News delivers high-quality vector and raster art that is custom-styled for print or online publications.

Simply use the Maps4News software to enter the location you want, then click a few buttons to scale and customize any map as needed. And that’s it! Choose from a variety of different map styles that have multilayer flexibility, add call-outs and icons, even preset fonts and colors to match the look and feel of any publication. Choose to publish a print-ready raster file or open the high-quality vector map art in a graphics program like Adobe Illustrator® to add additional icons, effects, or anything else that might needs to be incorporated.

With the constantly-updated global mapping data, there are no worries about outdated content, and there are no third-party cartography suppliers to deal with. Also, “Legal” will love that the custom-created Maps4News are copyright-free for all uses, including print, mobile and online.

Considering the time and expense of hand-fabricated map art, Maps4News easily pays for itself over and over again. Already proven and used by news publications worldwide.

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Note: Please visit to find out more on how you can quickly, easily and inexpensively create maps for future articles, plus they can be custom-styled to match the look of your publication.



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