Heartland Vein and Vascular Institute Launches New Campaign About Advanced Stages of Vein Disease

Heartland Vein and Vascular Institute is launching a new campaign about the advanced stages of vein disease.

La Vista, Nebraska (PRWEB) December 19, 2013

The Heartland Vein and Vascular Institute is launching a new campaign via social media to educate the public about the consequences of advance stage vein disease. Untreated vein disease can lead to severe complications that put the sufferer’s overall health in jeopardy, says the La Vista, NE vein center. The center hopes to help patients decrease their risk of serious health problems.

"Inefficient blood flow can have serious effects over the long term," explains Dr. Thomas Whittle, a leading vein doctor at the Heartland Vein and Vascular Institute. "Swelling and pressure can occur, depriving the skin of needed oxygen and nutrients. Tissue damage can result, causing the skin on the ankles and legs to become thickened, discolored, and leathery. If treatment is delayed further the condition can progress to ulceration."

Skin changes and ulcers can be avoided with timely vein disease treatment. Minimally-invasive procedures can seal off diseased veins, allowing proper blood movement to be restored.

Dr. Whittle and the staff at Heartland Vein and Vascular Institute hope the information their newest campaign provides will encourage the public not to delay when addressing vein disease. The vein center is providing more information on the topic through their Facebook and Twitter pages.

For more information, visit: http://www.heartlandvein.com/.

Varicose Vein Treatment Options

Varicose veins and spider veins are extremely common in men and women. While spider veins are very small, reddish veins on the surface of the skin, varicose veins are much larger, bulging, tangled veins that may appear bluish in color. Men and women suffer from varicose veins, although women are much more likely to have them.

Today, patients have access to a number of effective varicose vein treatment options. Advancements in technology and medicine have led to the development of effective, minimally invasive treatments that produce optimal results with few side-effects or downtime. These treatments include sclerotherapy, radio frequency ablation, phlebectomy, and endovenous laser ablation.

About the Heartland Vein and Vascular Institute

The Heartland Vein and Vascular Institute is a leading vein treatment clinic in La Vista, NE. The center is dedicated to serving patients’ vein care needs with compassion and great results. The expert medical staff features vein specialists and knowledgeable technicians for added support. Special areas of expertise include varicose veins, spider veins, and deep vein thrombosis. Dr. Thomas Whittle, Medical Director, is a respected and experienced vein doctor who truly cares about his patients. The Heartland Vein and Vascular Institute offers the latest and most advanced techniques available to provide patients with a thorough assessment, diagnosis, and effective treatment for any type of venous disorder.

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