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Share Article has just published a list of changes coming to Final Fantasy XIV with the release of the 2.1 patch. The full guide can be found at has just released a full guide to the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV 2.1 patch, A Realm Awoken. The full guide to the patch can be found at

The new guide published at covers all major changes to gameplay with the release of the FFXIV 2.1 update. The new guide also makes an effort to point out surprise changes not mentioned by the developers in previews leading up to the release of the new patch.

Perhaps the biggest area of concern mentioned in the new guide is the cost of player housing. While player housing for Free Companies was one of the most anticipated features of the new patch, many players have been left with sticker shock at the prices of housing. On some servers, the cheapest homes available to users will run 40,000,000 gil, which is an immense sum exceeding the wealth of the average player by more than forty times. Specific prices are mentioned in the new guide.

Another interesting change highlighted by the new guide is the high quality of player versus player (PvP) equipment. By participating in a large number of PvP matches, players will be able to purchase new equipment that is nearly as good as top of the line equipment available from other sources. This new gear also has special bonuses that make it far superior to regular equipment when used in player versus player battles.

Finally, the new guide points out that the new Extreme Primal Battles will surprisingly drop item level 90 accessories. This information is particularly useful who have opted out of The Binding Coil, as these players will now be able to get their second item level 90 ring as a drop off of the Garuda fight. Previously, the only way to get both ring slots filled with item level 90 equipment was to complete The Binding Coil of Bahamut, an eight-man raid. Since many players prefer not to participate in these 8-man raids due to the time commitment they require, the new Garuda fight now makes it possible for players to still get top of the line rings.

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