Crowdfunding Campaign Responds to Obama’s and Pope’s Call to Reduce Inequality; Suicide Party about Man Losing Home, Plans Suicide Party to Save House - from Changemakers

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In response to Obama’s speech about the need to address inequality and the Pope’s call to reduce the wealth gap, a new film is being produced that deals with these issues: Suicide Party, about a man on the verge of losing everything who decides to have a suicide party with the help of his friends. If he raises enough, he’ll live; if not he’ll end it all which raises the issue of inequality, the loss of the middle class, and the desperation leading to suicide in a film that has inspired three directors in three cities to film different visions with funding being raised from investors and a just launched crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe at

Inequality is a looming crisis that can lead to revolution in our time in the U.S. if not corrected.

As the gap between rich and poor grows, the need to narrow the gap has been raised by Obama in a controversial speech to new mayors and by the Pope in his first peace message at the Catholic Church’s World Day of Peace. Now a new film just going into production, Suicide Party deals with this issue, and the project has gained so much interest that it will be filmed with three visions by three directors in three U.S. cities – New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. These productions are all part of a campaign to use an entertaining film to raise the issues of inequality, the loss of the middle class, and the economic misery that leads some to contemplate or actually consider suicide. While most of the money is being contributed by investors, the film producers have just launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe, which is a less well-known platform that takes a smaller fee from companies seeking funding and permits campaigns to last as long as the filmmakers want.

The basic story in Suicide Party, which has inspired so much interest, is about a once successful salesman who loses his job, can’t find another due to outsourcing, and is dumped by his girlfriend before the wedding. As a result, on the verge of losing his house and ending up on the street, he decides to have a suicide party with the help of friends, who are struggling, too. If he gains enough money to save his house and get back on his feet, he’ll live; if not, he’ll end it all. The plans for the party trigger a media frenzy and unexpected results, in a dramatic and suspenseful film that raises these timely social issues about inequality, the loss of the middle class, and suicide due to economic causes -- issues that affect many millions of individuals and families in trouble today.

The first of the films to be produced: The Suicide Party: Project O will be filmed by Jack Skyyler of Dear Skyyler Productions based in New York, with internationally known actors Glynn Praesel of Texas and Tom Malloy of Los Angeles. The film will be shot in Los Angeles in late February 2014 featuring the same found footage approach of many popular low budget films, such as Paranormal Activity and will be released by July.

The Suicide Party film website is at and the GoFundMe campaign is at A national campaign to draw attention to the film and the issues it raises is at the Save Dave website at, which invites people around the world to send in 10-30 second videos with their reasons of why we should save Dave.

The organizer of this campaign and the writer/producer of Suicide Party is Gini Graham Scott, the founder of Changemakers Publishing and Writing. She is the author of over 50 published books with major companies and 30 books published by her own company Changemakers Publishing. She also writes books and scripts for clients. She has spoken about the topics of her books to many groups and the media, including appearances on Good Morning America, Oprah, and CNN. She received a PhD in Sociology from the University of California in Berkeley, a JD from the University of San Francisco Law School, and MAs in Anthropology, Mass Communications and Organizational/Consumer/Audience Behavior and Popular Culture and Lifestyles, and a MS in Recreation and Tourism at California State University, East Bay. She is pursuing an additional MA there in Communications.

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