"Fear No Art" Founder Creating 3000-Foot "Mural" to Honor 90-Year Fight for Service Workers' Rights

Andre Miripolsky and the labor union for healthcare workers and custodians, SEIU, announced the start of a new mural project. Through Miripolsky's partnership with AIM Hatchfund to raise $60,000 to fund this 3,000-square-foot project, the mural will pay tribute to the union's 90-year history of fighting for service workers' rights.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 18, 2013

Andre Miripolsky, known for his "Fear no art" campaign and Absolut Vodka billboard in Los Angeles, has joined crowdfunding non-profit AIM Hatchfund to raise funds to create a 3,000-square-foot mural for the Service Employees International Union's (SEIU) downtown Los Angeles headquarters. The mural will depict the SEIU's rich history representing a wide range of service workers and will include imagery from their famous "Justice for Janitors" campaign and more recent $15 hourly minimum wage protests.

The SEIU has been at the forefront of worker's rights for 90 years representing a wide range of service occupations including doctors, nurses, janitors, and police officers. For two decades, their "Justice for Janitors" social movement has helped over 200,000 low wage workers achieve better social and economic standing by campaigning for better wages and healthcare.

Miripolsky's mural will pay tribute to the SEIU's history by including themes of justice, job security, civil rights, economic justice, and immigrant rights. The mural will total 3,000 square feet and require a team of 10 professional mural artists to complete. Miripolsky needs to raise almost $60,000 to finish this project. Contributions can be made for the for the SEIU through his fundraising campaign on Hatchfund.

Hatchfund's mission is to provide resources and support to artists who advance culture and inspire brilliance. Projects on Hatchfund enjoy a 75% success rate. This crowdfunding service is free for artists with donors helping fund operations with small additional donations. For more information, visit Hatchfund.

The finished mural will serve as a lasting testament to the struggles that service workers have fought to overcome for decades throughout this great nation.

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