Sting Soccer, One of the Best Amateur Sports Clubs in the World, Embraces the ‘Spirit of the Season’ Throughout the Year

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‘Sting Gives Back’ initiative teaches North Texas girls importance of charity and community.

Sting Soccer

We strongly believe that developing community service habits in our young players will make them better athletes and citizens.

It doesn’t take a midnight visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past to get most people into the spirit of the season. With Hanukkah just passed and Christmas just around the corner, this time of year individuals and businesses begin thinking about giving back something to their communities, customers and families. That feeling permeates the Sting Soccer family year-round.

This commitment to community service starts with the CEO of Sting Soccer, Brent Coralli. He has made this a foundation for the club in the form of a unique foundation and the "Sting Gives Back" initiative.

Former Heavyweight boxer, Muhammad Ali, is given credit for succinctly expressing the sentiment about the responsibility of those who have been given much. The champ said, "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." This could be the mantra of Sting Soccer and its CEO.

"My family and I have been truly fortunate and we feel a strong responsibility to give something back to our community," Coralli said.

"Perhaps we’re all reminded of this during the holiday season, but I believe it’s important throughout the year. It’s for this reason, we formed a non-profit foundation and we insist that the young women who join our soccer club agree to volunteer for community service."

As the Sting website notes, "The Sting Soccer Foundation is a non-profit organization seeking to ensure that all children have the opportunity to achieve success on and off the soccer field."

The foundation’s legal structure is that of a 501(c) 3 public charity, set in place by the Sting Soccer Club for the benefit and support of specific youth causes.

Coralli notes, "Our foundation is another way for us to accomplish our larger mission. Sure, we want to teach young women to compete on the soccer field. However, we also want to create positive opportunities and benefits for all children. We’re building future leaders and I believe you do that by encouraging them to give back to their community."

The Sting Foundation’s values are simple to understand but challenging to accomplish.

They include:

  •     To inspire motivation and passion
  •     To sustain a spirit of service
  •     To maintain financial integrity
  •     To instill virtue
  •     To live with significance

The focus of the Sting Foundation is on soccer and kids. It provides monetary support for dues for young players who are unable to pay them. It is involved in purchasing additional soccer facilities in the community in order to increase the place where the sport is played. The foundation also works with other non-profits on specific projects which benefit other causes.

The essence of learning an athletic skill involves the player watching and then doing. A coach can demonstrate the proper technique for defending a goal or making a shot but the athlete must observe, practice and then physically execute this technique on the field. This "learning by doing" is the basis for the "Sting Gives Back" Initiative.

"Even before my days as CEO of Sting Soccer, I’ve always felt it was important to do well and do good," Coralli said.

"I’ve always been extremely competitive in sports and business, but I’ve also felt the responsibility to use whatever success I’ve attained to give back. This works for me and I believe it can work for the young women who join the Sting Soccer club."

The "Sting Gives Back" Initiative is a mandate from the organization that every player donates ten hours of community service to their communities each year. Coralli notes, "With more than 1,000 players involved in the Sting Soccer Club, we have exceeded 10,000 hours for community service every year."

As with their athletic training, these young women learn by doing. Sting players have volunteered at homeless shelters, children’s hospitals, youth programs and a wide range of other endeavors. During this holiday season, there will no doubt be Sting Soccer club players working to make it a more joyous time for those who are not as fortunate.

Coralli concludes, "We strongly believe that developing community service habits in our young players will make them better athletes and citizens. And we hope that they will become accustomed to doing well and doing good!"

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