Introducing Netc EmbraceRF: RFID Technology You Can Identify With™

Netc, a leading provider of RFID and barcode system solutions, today announced Netc EmbraceRF an integrated, scalable, cost-effective RFID and barcode enabled asset management system solution.

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EmbraceRF take the mystery out of RFID asset management and compliance so you can focus on your business.

Trumbull, Connecticut (PRWEB) January 06, 2014

At its core, EmbraceRF is powered by Nebula™, a cloud–based technology essential in defining assets, checkpoint locations, asset ownership, asset movement and asset history. The flexible system design, database structure and reporting function imparts a customized look and feel to the solution while reinforcing the discipline to get the job done in an easy, effective and timely manner.

EmbraceRF supports customer-configured deployment of software and hardware including RFID portals, hand-held RFID & barcode scanners and smartphone apps. The Nebula™ cloud-based reporting system supports audit controls essential in effective asset deployment and life-cycle management.

For additional information on Netc EmbraceRF, email NetcRFID(at)netcllc(dot)com, or visit

About Netc – Netc is a leading global provider of storage solutions including Netc Label System Software, Netc eXpress Labels, Netc eXpress Tape Cartridges, Netc Label Architect, and now, Netc EmbraceRF.

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