Alcohol, cocaine and other things you wouldn’t expect from a dentist...

Influential London dentist Dr James Goolnik ( has created a helpful 2014 Oral Survival Guide to enable us all to evaluate our lifestyle choices and see how we can reduce our risks.

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We are not going to preach. Just provide practical advice so that we can all take control of our oral health

London (PRWEB UK) 20 December 2013

2014 Oral Survival Guide

Let’s be honest, it seems that everything can be bad for health these days. Dr James Goolnik will not preach – just give practical advice on how to ensure that teeth can last a lifetime. Anyone who eats, drinks, smokes, take drugs or has oral sex may want to take notice.

To find out more and download a copy of our 2014 Oral Survival Guide, visit –
About the Author: James Goolnik is a past president of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and one of the most influential dentists in the UK. More about James can be found here:


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