DISC Offers Tips on Kicking Knee Pain with Fluid Joint Therapy

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Osteoarthritic knee pain sufferers often assume that they will either have to put up with the pain or have major surgery, but a promising third option exists for those who are willing to look into the possibility of fluid joint therapy. The specialists at DISC Sports & Spine Center (DISC) are offering tips aimed at persons interested in this therapy, a painless in-office injection that may act as a solution to osteoarthritis knee.

Many people worry that the only way to get past their knee pain is to submit to an implant or to rehab extensively, but with joint fluid therapy, this simply isn’t the case.

The likelihood of having knee pain increases over time and with age. Many times, the cause of this pain is the result of abnormal synovial fluid within the knee joint, often exacerbated by the onset of osteoarthritis that can break this substance down.

Cartilage acts as a cushion for the knee joint, and when it’s depleted, the joints of the lower and upper legs can grind against each other, causing intense pain that will only get worse over time. This can lead to a substantial loss of mobility that cannot be corrected by exercise or rehabilitation alone.

Dr. Jeffrey Colbert, a board certified orthopedic surgeon at DISC, wants osteoarthritic knee pain sufferers to know that fluid joint therapy is an option that may bring them great relief.

“Many people worry that the only way to get past their knee pain is to submit to an implant or to rehab extensively, but with joint fluid therapy, this simply isn’t the case,” explains Dr. Colbert. “Not only is it FDA-approved and covered by insurance, fluid joint therapy is easily administered during a brief in-office visit. It’s an effective treatment that gives you relief and restores mobility without surgery.”

With fluid joint therapy now available through DISC, Dr. Colbert and his team have outlined how the injection would work and offered tips on how patients can benefit from such a treatment:

•Don't Just Assume Surgery is Necessary- Fluid joint therapy is not surgery. It’s a series of weekly injections that doesn’t require any rehabilitation at all. Once a patient comes in for therapy, he or she will receive an injection to one or both of the knees, depending on the nature of the individual’s osteoarthritis. These injections will continue over the course of a few weeks, until the hyaluronic acid has been allowed to rebuild the level of synovial fluid in the knee joint.

•Continue Taking Other Medications- Hyaluronic acid does not interact negatively with other medications. Because the injection goes directly into the patient’s knee, rather than the bloodstream, individuals do not need to worry about the negative effects of two drugs interacting with one another. A patient can actually take pain medication in conjunction with hyaluronic acid.

•Do Not Delay Treatment- Hyaluronic acid is an effective treatment for Osteoarthritis. While hyaluronic acid can help promote the production of synovial fluid, it cannot correct the osteoarthritis that causes fluid depletion.

•Don't Stop After Initial Therapy- Injections can be an ongoing treatment. A series of injections can last six months or longer, and repeated bouts of administration have been proven safe for up to five years.

•Rely On A Time Honored Treatment- Fluid Joint Therapy has been around the block. In the nearly quarter century that Hyaluronic acid injections have been available, a whopping 38 million injections have been provided to those who suffer from osteoarthritic knee pain, and the results speak for themselves.

“Our hope at DISC,” said Dr. Colbert, “is that fluid joint therapy can dramatically improve the quality of life for those suffering from knee pain. That’s why we’re inviting people everywhere to look into this valuable treatment method.”

Visit the Fluid Joint Therapy page for more information about treating knee pain.

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