Oil Water Separator Technologies Announces Their New Website and Product Line for 2014

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Oil Water Separator Technologies upgrades their website to feature their latest products and designs for 2014.

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Oil Water Separator Technologies is known as a leader in the industrial wastewater market with more than 75 years of combined experience. OWS TECH offers a full line of standard products on their new website consisting of Oil Water Separators, Oil Containment Sumps, Oil Stop Valves, Rotary Pipe skimmers and Coalescing Media.

OWS TECH is known among the industry for its Oil Water Separator line which consists of above grade, flush with grade, and below grade oil water separators. Their oil water separators come in three different grade materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, and fiberglass). The common factor between them regardless of the materials of construction is, they all use a unique high efficiency coalescer (HEC) pack that’s manufactured in house at OWS Tech to remove free non-emulsified hydrocarbons. Their (HEC) packs unique random tube matrix flushes solids and removes oil droplets down to 20 micron size with an effluent discharge quality of 10 ppm or less. All of their separators by design have a low maintenance factor and are easily serviceable due to their large manway access openings and light weight removable (HEC) packs. Typical flow rates range from 0-5000 GPM.

Having established itself in the oil water separator business they introduced their Oil Stop Valve product line. The purpose of their oil stop valve is to contain bulk oil/fuel spills to their designated areas while allowing storm water to drain in non-spill conditions thus keeping the containment area available for the purpose in which it was intended. This completely automatic fail safe valve knows the difference between oil and water based on the specific gravity principle. Their unique oil stop valve is designed with only one moving part, a weighted cylinder which floats in water and sinks/closes in the presence of oil/fuel with a specific gravity of 0.95 or less. OWS Tech recommends the oil stop valve for any application where bulk oil/fuel is stored and could unexpectedly enter the environment.

Now OWS Tech is becoming known for their High Efficiency Coalescer (HEC) packs since making them available to other manufactures as well as consumers outside of their oil water separators. OWS Tech’s High Efficiency Coalescer (HEC) packs have become the ideal choice for many because they can be custom built to fit any size, make, or model separator. This unique advantage over traditional coalescing media gives their clientele the ability to upgrade their existing product lines, existing separators or existing structures to meet or exceed their local, state, or federal discharge requirements.

For more information about Oil Water Separator Technologies and their full line of products, please visit them at http://www.owstech.com.

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