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A new guide to Final Fantasy XIV's player versus player (PvP) system has been published at The guide can be found in full at has just published a brand new PvP guide for Final Fantasy XIV. The new guide provides general information as well as specific strategies regarding FFXIV's new PvP system. The guide can be found in full at

With the recent release of patch 2.1, player versus player (PvP) combat was introduced to the world of Eorzea. This system allows groups of four players to wage war against one another in elimination battle. The new guide published by is specifically designed to provide players with both general information on the new PvP system as well as with strategy for winning more matches.

One aspect specifically discussed in the new guide is the rewards and equipment associated with PvP in FFXIV. New PvP equipment has been added to the game that features the "Morale" stat. This stat increases PvP damage and boosts PvP defense. According to the new guide, the Morale stat is so strong that even the basic set of crafted PvP gear is as good as any other equipment in game for the specific purpose of PvP. The new guide recommends that players without top of the line equipment should immediately switch to the crafted PvP set. Over time, players are encouraged to use their PvP reward points (known as Wolf Marks) to buy the item level 70 and 90 PvP sets. However, before players can buy the item level 90 set, they must first hit rank 30, a feat which requires winning hundreds of matches.

In addition to discussing rewards, the new guide at also discusses PvP strategy. Having a sound strategy is particularly important for winning matches and getting new PvP gear. The new guide particularly emphasizes the strength of using crowd control effects like Sleep on the enemy healer and then focusing on taking down enemy DPS players. The new guide contends that with the healer slept, enemy DPS classes will not be able to sustain incoming focus fire damage for very long. If a group does not have class with sleep, players can try to focus the enemy's healer down first. Alternatively, for groups that do not have a character that possesses the sleep ability, the new guide also recommends that players use the tank class to interrupt healers while the DPS classes focus on defeating an enemy DPS class.

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