Wicked Tickets NYC Dates Get 20% Reduction by Ticket Hunter Online; E-Commerce Ticket Giant Has Clearance On Overstocked Inventory

Wicked NYC tickets are part of Tickethunteronline.com's end of year annual sale. Customers can get Broadway tickets for 20% off with promo code "wicked." By Michael Quinones

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Wicked Tickets NYC got a 20% this past week from Tickethunteronline.com

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 21, 2013

Wicked Tickets NYC got a 20% discount this past week from Tickethunteronline.com. The discount is part of the site's "end of year" annual promotion. Customers can get discounted Wicked Tickets NYC for all Gershwin theater dates by entering promo code "wicked" at tickethunteronline.com.

Wicked Pantages theater and Wicked Gershwin theater tickets are available in addition to touring dates.

About Wicked:

A prequel to The Wizard of Oz, the Wicked plot begins before Dorothy leaves Kansas. A green skinned girl from Munchkinland, Elphaba Thropp deals with discrimination and helps take care of her disabled sister, Nessarose. When she goes to college, her Shiz University roommate is a pretty blonde called Galinda Upland. Although it is hate at first site, the girls eventually form an uneasy friendship. But what happens when they both fall in love with Fiyero Tiggular, the Winkie prince?

When a goat professor named Doctor Dillamond disappears, their relationship gets complicated. Elphaba rebels against the Wizard and tries to fight for talking animal rights, but Galinda just wants to be "Popular." Get Wicked tickets at Tickehunteronline.com to find out how two students become the Witches of Oz.

Ticket Hunter Online specializes in discount Broadway tickets. They currently have over 300 tickets available for the Book of Mormon Pantages Theater and hundreds of tickets in inventory for the Book of Mormon on Broadway in New York.

Tickets can be purchased for 20% off buy using promo code "wicked" at tickethunteronline.com.

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By Michael Quinones


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