Ana Giovanna, Brazil’s Up and Coming Children’s Fashion Company, Announced its Plans to Expand the Production of Its Line of Eco-friendly Clothing for Little Girls

Ana Giovanna, Brazil’s up and coming children’s fashion company, announced its plans to expand the production of its line of eco-friendly clothing for little girls. The company began with the goal of making eco-friendly clothing for little girls and continues to move forward toward meeting that objective.

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Ana Giovanna Vestidos infantis

Brazilian Baby Dresses

Many children suffer from allergies. Most are chemical related. Ana decided to keep chemicals out of her clothes. She also decided to use cotton, a natural fiber with few allergens.

Santos, Brazil (PRWEB) December 24, 2013

In 2013, Ana Giovanna became frustrated with what she saw in the world of fashions for little girls. Although there were cute selections for little girls, they sometimes missed the mark for elegance. These dresses weren’t suitable for elegant parties and events where fashion was required. Then there were elegant clothes, fit for the finest of events. The stiff fabric and many ruffles were uncomfortable for the delicate little girls. Ana could understand the difficult of creating elegant, cute, and comfortable clothes for little girls.

What she couldn’t understand was the destruction of natural resources that occurred because of the process of manufacturing the clothing. Natural resources were being depleted or discarded on every hand. She suddenly realized that if she continued to dress her daughter in clothing that was destroying the planet, her daughter wouldn’t have a quality world when she was grown.

Ana Giovanna began her company with a team of experts and a list of questions for parents. She sent out surveys and asked parents what types of dresses they needed for their little girl. The answers weren’t surprising. They needed the clothes to be comfortable, elegant, washable, and durable. After she received the answers, she set about meeting those needs while preserving the planet at the same time. Her team began creating new ways to manufacture clothing that wasn’t destructive to the earth.

Many children suffer from allergies. Most are chemical related. Ana decided to keep chemicals out of her clothes. She also decided to use cotton, a natural fiber with few allergens. By using chemical-free fabric and new manufacturing methods, Ana Giovanna’s clothing for little girls helps protect that precious child from allergies and preserve the earth for the elegant lady she will one day become.

Ana Giovanna is new to the world of fashion, but don’t think that’s going to stop her. Ana grew up with a strong will and learned early to use that powerful determination to meet her goals in life. Without a doubt she will master the process of manufacturing chemical-free clothing for little girls. She is determined to give our daughters comfortable, elegant dresses and a beautiful earth.

What does the future hold for Ana Giovanna? How about a new line of elegant dresses for ladies? One never knows about Ana. You can be sure that nothing will stand in Ana Giovanna’s way. She is strong and independent and a willingness to do whatever it takes to meet her goals in life.

You can check out Ana’s elegant, eco-friendly dresses and stay abreast of her latest plans at and

For additional information or to arrange an interview, please contact Ana Paula Dantas, Founder of Fashion’s Kids Online Boutique, at 55 1330610877.


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