Christmas Car Accidents: How To Keep Your Sleigh In One Piece

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Millions of miles will be traveled this Christmas season as people visit their families for the holidays and, unfortunately, many on those trips may not make it back in one piece. The personal injury firm of Handler Henning & Rosenberg has put together safety tips designed to make sure families’ journeys are as safe as Santa’s global trip this Christmas.

...we’ve decided to make like Rudolph and provide tips aimed at getting everyone’s four-wheeled sleighs home safely through the fog on Christmas night.

The old jingle says that Grandma got run over by a reindeer, but this Christmas, it’s far more likely that Grandma will be run over by a careless driver.

To avert incidents that are sleigh or automobile-related, it’s going to be up to drivers to provide their fellow motorists and pedestrians with the proper duty of care. That means refraining from dangerous habits that can turn the period between Christmas and the New Year into a time for injury rehabilitation rather than celebration.

The Handler Henning & Rosenberg personal injury law firm wants citizens in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country to ring in the New Year with joy in their hearts rather than sorrow on their minds.    Attorney Matthew P. Rosenberg has outlined the firm’s goals for the holiday.

“The risk of automobile accidents during the holiday season will increase due to many inhibitions falling by the wayside,” said Mr. Rosenberg. “That’s why we’ve decided to make like Rudolph and provide tips aimed at getting everyone’s four-wheeled sleighs home safely through the fog on Christmas night.”

Citizens are asked to let the following advice be their red-nosed guide on how to make holiday travels as safe as possible.

•Rudolph Should Be The Only Driver With A Red Nose- Anyone who drinks alcohol at a holiday get-together must not drive. According to the National Safety Council, there were 753 traffic fatalities in December 2009 alone in which one of the parties involved posted a blood alcohol level above the legal limit of .08.

During get-togethers, the threat of inebriation can creep up slowly, with drivers not even realizing when they’ve had one egg nog too many. Just because it’s a party with family doesn’t make the alcohol any less potent, and designated drivers should be chosen just like they would be at any other type of festivity.

•Leave The Texts For The Christmas Cards- While anyone wishing their loved ones a Happy Holidays should be commended for their good will, at no point should such a wish be sent from the wheel of a vehicle. Texting and driving has grown to become one of the defining dangers of this generation, and with good reason: texting can take a person’s eyes off the road for precious seconds, and talking on a cellphone can be just as bad given the mental distraction posed. Leave the holiday well wishes for when you arrive or hand the phone off to a designated texter.

•Silent Night, Drowsy Night- At the end of a Christmas feast, many people who are exhausted from the meal and the general chaos of the holidays will crawl behind the wheel to take their families home late at night. However, one should always be cautious with their level of fatigue while driving, especially if they spent hours getting to the destination. Get a hotel close by and, on longer cross-country trips, have plenty of stops planned or switch off with someone else in the vehicle who is well rested.

•A Prescription For Disaster- Dealing with relatives is enough to cause even the most patient of individuals to reach for a prescription pain reliever or an anti-anxiety medication. People who take these drugs should do so with the utmost caution, paying close attention to the labels to determine if there are any side effects, like drowsiness or impaired motor skills, that could compromise safe driving.

•Know When To Throw In The Gift Wrapped Towel- The weather will play a factor while traveling throughout the winter and, after a celebration is over, many people want to get home at all costs. But if doing so isn’t safe, accommodations should be made to stay with a host . Better yet, look at the forecast before your trip and be ready to call off travel if snow or ice builds up.

“With these tips,” said Mr. Rosenberg, “you can pop the cork on the New Year from your own home instead of a hospital bed.”

The lawyers of Handler Henning & Rosenberg have been assisting injured parties for more than 90 years. Matthew P. Rosenberg and the rest of the firm’s attorneys offer representation to those injured in a host of practice areas, including automobile accidents, defective medical devices, premises liability, dog bites, and more. Injured parties and those seeking help with their Social Security or workers’ compensation claims may call to obtain a free consultation or click on the link to learn more about the firm’s services.

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