CGH Electric Provides Electrical Safety Tips for the Season

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Portland, Maine electrician provides expert advice to help homeowners stay safe this season when dealing with power outages and fuse boxes.

This season, homeowners have a tendency to be concerned with where their electricity is more than other parts during the year. With the added stress of holiday decorations, winter storms, and houseguests, it makes sense that additional draw on power could bring previously unknown electrical problems in Portland, Maine homes to light. While modern day fuse boxes are designed with safety in mind, it is important to know how to conduct oneself properly around them to avoid injury or damage to the home.

Many times, fires in the home are started by leaving something on the stove or in the oven. One should always be in the kitchen while cooking. Yes, real life can and does get in the way of this. So, if one needs to leave the kitchen while cooking, be sure to set a timer that will alert them within a few minutes of leaving so that they can remember to return and check on things. Also, be sure to never leave flammable objects near the cooking area even if it seems they are a safe distance away. The surrounding counter-tops should be completely clear of potholders, paper towels, rags, sponges, wrappers, etc.

If turning on an appliance causes a spark or a smell of something burning, immediately turn off and unplug the appliance. If it is too difficult to reach the plug, turn off the fuse breaker for that circuit. With that in mind, be sure that the fuse box has been properly labeled. If not, work with an electrician to make sure that it does get properly labeled so that fuses can be turned off and on as needed without delay. In the event of an emergency, turning off the main breaker will cut power to the entire house, but avoid possible damage.

In fact, during winter storms when power is knocked out, it is a good idea to turn off power at the fuse box to the entire home. When the power returns, it can cause a surge which can destroy appliances that are plugged up. If appliances are taking longer than usual to heat up such as a toaster, oven, or dryer, it could be an indication of a problem with the device, and a possible short, which could be causing an arc of electrical current to travel where it was not designed to. It is best to have these appliances checked out as quick as possible.

Keep an eye on surge protectors. With decorations often requiring additional power, many homeowners will overload a circuit by plugging one surge protector into another. Or, worse yet, they will plug multiple adapters and extension cords without any sort of surge protection into a single outlet. This can lead to blowing out a circuit or even causing a fire. It is unsafe. Be sure that the circuit is not being overtaxed, causing too much heat, or presenting a hazard due to all the extra wires lying about.

CGH Electric is a certified electrician in Portland, Maine, our customers’ safety is our top priority. For help with wiring up appliances, outlets, or even holiday decorations and being sure everyone is safe this season, be sure to give us a call at (207) 468-0029.

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