Einstein's Unified Field Equation Discovered by Pixidis Researcher, Ending Physicists' Hundred-year Quest

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Pixidis researcher Tom Whitney of Minneapolis has achieved the Holy Grail quest of modern physical science: the discovery of Einstein's famed unified field equation. Sought by thousands of scientists around the world, this equation reveals the ultimate blueprint running the universe.


Pixidis researcher Tom Whitney

The Holy Grail of modern physical science has been discovered. Every field of science has now been united at the ground level.

The unified field equation theorized to exist by Einstein has been discovered—uniting hundreds of years of multidisciplinary science in a single, historic fell swoop.

This is akin to finding the missing piece of a massive jigsaw puzzle worked on by tens of thousands of scientists over centuries of time to create a single, big-picture understanding of the universe. The discovery is a road map to a whole new scientific future for humanity.

The discovery was made by Minneapolis researcher Tom Whitney of the Pixidis consultancy.

Known as the unified field theory, the existence of this Holy Grail of all physical laws was first proposed by Einstein, who pursued it passionately over the last three decades of his life, but never found it.

His peers thought his attempt to unite the laws of nature was the pipe dream of an aging genius, but, recent advancements in a sub-discipline of physics called string theory had generated a global, intense manhunt for the equation, which Whitney's discovery now ends.

"I am thrilled, of course," Whitney said, "but I cannot emphasize enough how this is the result of thousands of dedicated scientists who pursued the deepest truth of nature. Without their passionate commitment, none of this would be possible—or meaningful—to anyone."

As the discovery of DNA revealed the blueprint of all organic life, this discovery illuminates the hidden energetic blueprint governing the entire universe—including organic life, inert matter, physical forces and fields like gravity and magnetism. This is why it is half-jokingly referred to as the "theory of everything."

This discovery opens the theoretical door to the massive amounts of hidden energy required for deep-space travel. But perhaps more urgently, the model reveals the pathway beyond energy entirely—clearly showing the way out of the global warming disaster wrought by human energy consumption.

Much like the U.S. Constitution has ultimate power over state and local laws, Einstein first theorized nearly a century ago the universe was governed by a single, foundational law with absolute causal authority over all of nature’s laws.

In some 10,000 hours of research over 12 years, Whitney "went up the mountain," as physicists say, to see the foundational connections between the core equations governing nature—uniting them in a single field with attributes precisely theorized by Einstein. From this single, core equation, every force of nature falls neatly into place, like jigsaw puzzle pieces finally assembled into a single, cohesive whole.

A free PDF paper detailing his discovery references the work of over 30 leading scientists across multiple fields, and has been posted on the Pixidis Web site. Indicating his model is not just scientific—but unifies established spiritual wisdom as well—the paper combines physics, psychology and spirituality to propose a model of how Jesus walked on water.

Just as Einstein’s theory of relativity generalized Newton’s gravity equations to the four unified dimensions of spacetime, so Whitney’s equation generalizes Einstein’s E=mc^2 to the ten unified dimensions of the universe believed to exist by string theorists.

The unified equation details the repeating, master pattern that maintains consistent energetic relationships across each dimension, revealing Einstein’s E=mc^2 as the 3D version of a universal ratio that scales across the multidimensional structure of the cosmos.

Although it will need to be experimentally confirmed eventually, Whitney believes his unified field equation to be correct because major equations in physics flow simply and organically from it. It unites not only the four foundational forces of nature in a single, master equation (as Einstein predicted it would), but resolves decades-old discrepancies between the two major theories in modern physics—relativity and quantum mechanics.

Whitney's paper presenting the historic finding extends an invitation to science and religion to put aside their differences and work together. The work explains the theory in a scientifically rigorous, but highly entertaining and accessible way that will delight and amaze scientists, theologians and fans of science alike. It is a free, 47-page downloadable PDF.

To download “How Jesus Walked on Water” detailing this historic discovery, visit http://www.pixidis.com.

Pixidis is a research consultancy in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA specializing in multidisciplinary investigations across the fields of physics, psychology, spirituality, branding, marketing and customer loyalty.

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